Friday, 18 January 2013

Frosty Friday Finishes!

Well the weathermen promised snow and snow is what we got, a whole 3-5 inches!
view from my living room
view from my kitchen window
It has been snowing all day and because I am still poorly I have spent the whole day stitching, snapping pictures and playing super mario on the Wii U.

But todays post is not just about the weather, no todays post is Friday finishes and this week I have two to show you. First up is Lizzie Kate's January Stamp, I finished this on Thursday and will will be a small pillow/cushion sometime soon.
January Stamp by Lizzie Kate, stitched on 14ct Aida (possibly 16ct) using a mix of Sampler Threads, Weeks & DMC. I subsituted Weeks Emerald for Weeks Bayberry, Whitewash for DMC Blanc & Mascara for Cresents Blackbird.

Second Frosty Finish is Snowman 10 which I finished at about 2PM this afternoon, again I'm thiking some kind of pillow finish, might end up as a cube....
Snowman 2010 by Lizzie Kate, stitched on 14ct Aida using recommend threads (switched Weeks Whitewash for DMC Blanc)

Since I finished Snowman 10 I picked up Nose Garden (yet another snowman!) and I've made some real progress with it, this weekend is International Hermit & Stitch weekend and I plan on finishing up Nose Garden and maybe putting some stitches into Dandy Dreams.
Keep Warm & Happy Stitching!!
xX Fiona Xx


Lesleyanne said...

Two gorgeous finishes can't wait to see them finished as pillows. We've had snow too.

Cath said...

Great finishes . I started stitching a snowman yesterday too , must be something in the air ,lol.X

An itch to cross stitch.. said...

Great finishes Fiona.
Wow that snow looks amazing, so beautiful! Quite the opposite to here in Melbourne Australia. Lots of sun and hot weather.

Katy said...

Great snowy finishes!

Loretta said...

We had another snowfall overnight so any pictures I would take here would look similar to yours. I love the look of snow on the trees but we are in for some colder temps this week which I am definitely not looking forward to.

Love your LK Snowman are adorable. Congrats on the finishes!!!!!

Mary said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love your snowmen! Cute! I cross-stitch as well-I think i must have 6 things started but not finished! Hopeless I know!


Fiona said...

Hi Mary, thanks for stopping by! 6 projects isn't so bad, I have several on the go, many of which are from the crazy January challenge last year!

Michelle said...

Lovely stitching Fiona - love your pictures x