Sunday, 31 January 2010

Present, A finish and a new project :)

LOL, so much for not starting anything new! I have 3 main loves: Stitching, Reading and Console Gaming. A few weeks ago I discovered a crafting/gaming forum and started downloading a lot of cross stitch patterns of my favourite game characters. My favourite games by far are Super Mario ones and this got me thinking about designing my own Super Mario patterns. I have come up with my own pattern and I am in the process of stitching it to see how it turns out; and no I couldn't wait! It's nearly finished now so I should have pictures up soon :) My Secret Santa present finally showed up and it's so lovely!! Many thanks to Claire3 for my lovely pressie, I can't wait to stitch it!! Although I am not looking forward to that backstitch lol. The present I originally sent out to my partner got lost in the post so I sent out something else this week, as soon as I know it's been recieved I'll post up the photo of what I sent! This week I also stitched a birthday card for my baby cousin Hannah's first birthday using an old magazine cover kit (WOXS I think). Took around 3 days to stitch and about 30 mins to make the card up. I used pink flower brads, pink holo peel-offs, dark pink card and silver mirror card to make up the card. It looks grey in the photo but its actually a mottled pale lilac colour, just like somebunny :) Think thats everything this week, hopefully will have some more work on Water Games to show off next week and my finished stitch of my own design :) Happy Stitching everyone! xx

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Progress, Prizes & tusal 2010

Better late than never!! Firstly I realised I never posted a picture of my tusal 2009 prize, thanks again to Yoyo at dragon my needle for my lovely prize Smile Lovely chart called 'tis the gift, by la-D-Da, the sampler threads to stitch it (my first ones ever!!) a lovely beehive needle keeper by mill hill & some petite needles. I can't wait to stitch this chart, I just have to wait until I finish of some of my current WIP & UFO's which brings me swiftly onto progress lol This week I realised that I can't finish my birth sampler until my boss's wife has the baby, as they don't know what they are having. So decided to get on with Water Games instead, really got back into stitching this one, although I am so glad this half of the chart is nearly done! The blues are really begining to get on my nerves again! Which brings me onto my tusal update for January 2010! I'm reusing my jar from last year but as I couldn't think of anything useful to do with the contents from last year, they were unseremoniously dumped into the bin. There are some browns & greys from the birth sampler & a lot of blue strands from Water Games along with a few browns & greens as well.
Think thats everything for this week
Happy stitching!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Time for an Update!

Now that I have almost regained feeling in my fingers lol, I figure it's probably time for a stitching update.
The new year is going well, I have made a start on the Birth Sampler for my boss's new baby, I plan to stitch on this during the week as the colours are quite blocky and it stitches up pretty quickly so far, only problem is there are loads of fractional stitches...
My weekend stitching is going to be devoted to Water Games until it's completed. It is my oldest UFO and the one I am longing to see finished because it's also the biggest stitch I have done to date. In order to help me finish off my UFO's I have joined a UFO SAL blog called 'I've started so I'll finish...eventually' and it's really working so far!
I've only been stitching on Water Games for this weekend and I already have done quite a bit more than I usually manage to get done in one sitting.
See you all on the 15th for the first TUSAL update of 2010!!! I can hardly wait!!! Happy Stitching to you all!! Fiona xx

Sunday, 10 January 2010


I'm freezing! lol got the radiator turned on as high as it will go and I'm wearing layers and my fingers are still numb! How am I supposed to stitch in these conditions?!? Shiver

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New Stitching Aim for 2010!!!

I have a new aim to add to my list of things to achieve in 2010! I have never ever used evenweave before and this year I want to do at leave one project on evenweave. This has come about because I recieved 2 Margaret Sherry kits for christmas and both of them contain stradled stitches (again something I have never attempted before) and I would really like to stitch them but the instructions state that stradled stitches are simplier to work on evenweave. Any tips that anyone can give me re. Evenweave would be muchly appreciated!!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!!

Time again for some Stitching Resolutions!!
  • Finish all WIP & UFO's from 2008/09 before begining anything new
  • Limit any stash purchases to threads & fabric
  • Work on and complete one project at a time!

On this note my current WIP/UFO's are listed on the right hand side of my blog, I've done no work on 'April Showers' since I last posted but will hopefully have progressed in time to post an update for the 2010 TUSAL! I already have my container all ready and waiting to be filled!!

***quick edit***have to change my resolution about not starting anything new as my boss has asked my to stitch a sampler for his new baby who is due in February. After that I won't be starting anything new until my UFO's & WIP are all finished!

Happy New Year to Everyone, I hope 2010 brings dreams & wishes to life for you all :)