Monday, 31 August 2009

Water Games Update

Well I had today of work as it's a bank holiday as my parents went to go see how my brother is settling in up at uni so I had the whole house to myself for a change. I did some stitching while watching a marathon of Extreme Makeover:home edition on the telly. Six hours of stitching and this is my progress:

I'm really proud of how much I managed to stitch today, this is the most I've stitched on this piece in one sitting and although I probably won't finish it in time for my mum's birthday I'm really hoping to finish it in time for Christmas.

Happy Stitching!!

Friday, 28 August 2009

flexing my stitching fingers...

I think it's about time I got round to that 'real' update I promised.
Right first things first; my TUSAL update, I'm actually quite proud of the amount of thread in my coffee jar! Since last time there are so many new threads, my favourite being a rather nice bright blue/turquoise colour that is now about a third of the way down, it's from a WTP kit my mum started before she realised it was full of fractional stitches which she can't get her head round and so I ended up doing it, then found out she'd made a bunch of mistakes so had to frog the whole thing and start again. Also in my jar are ORT's from Water Games, Archie & Somebunny plus a few of the thread labels from my recent workbox tidyup. Have realised that I need a bigger workbox that is preferably not hexagonal as nothing fits inside properly. Also made some progress on Water Games although not as much as I'd have liked due to being back at work (groan) but as I have bank holiday Monday off I plan to spend the day stitching & will hopefully have much more to show for it. (It'll be christmas by the time I finish at the current rate of progress) Also hope to finish the backstitch on Archie by this time next week. Just one other thing I have completly forgotten to mention before and it's quite old news now, Cross Stitch Crazy printed my letter!! Wasn't expecting it at all and literally began jumping up and down on the spot when I realised it was me! Also finally managed to get hold of my friend Mary to give her the birth sampler I did for her daughter Karmay and she was so pleased with it, her sister-in-law loved it so much she's asked me to do one for her daughter Caitlin who's now 3 and my boss at work has asked me to do one for his new baby. Had great fun picking out the designs for both of them, now all I have to do is wait till the show at Sandown in September to buy the threads I need to stitch them, and I'm getting paid to do them as well!! Think that really is everything for this week, except that I found 48 very old issues of cross stitcher, cross stitch collection, needlecraft & mary hickmott's new stitches (issues 1,2 etc) most of them complete with the free kits for £12.50 in a local charity shop! Has made for some plesant reading at least! Ok now that really is everything, will update again after the weekend!
Happy Stitching Everyone!

Sunday, 23 August 2009


Well it's TUSAL update time, my jar is almost half full now!! (picture will be uploaded as soon as the camera is charged!) Archie & somebunny are still unfinished but work has progressed slowly on Water Games, onto the water now!!!! will do proper update when camera is charged :)

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Busy, Busy...

Had a busy couple of days, missed my update again but I have an excuse!! My younger brother moved up to Coventry on Saturday to go to uni so I've been trying to help him get his stuff packed up ( 2 car loads so far and still more to go up!) ended up being no room in the car for me or my mum so we stayed home while Dad took him up. Managed to go to Hobbycraft & get the rest of the threads I needed to finish off Archie & MS's Fairy kit Smile Went to the boot sale on Sunday again & found a daylight company portable craft light (the old style with the cable not the rechargable battery style) for £4!! Snapped that up pretty quickly, especially as the bulb on my clip on lamp has blown again (3 times in 6 months, I'm begining to think it might be faulty lol) Went up to Coventry today with the second carload of stuff for my brother and wandered round Coventry itself. Found a stitchy shop called Busy Hands so naturally I went in for a nosey...came out with 2 new kits; A Humphrey's Corner one called 'Trains' which is of Humphrey on his belly playing with a toy train & all the carriges have snails on top!! It's sooo sweet! I also got a Born To Shop kit which says 'Save the Earth...It's the only planet with Chocolate'. I love the born to shop stuff and had seen some of the kits at the stitch & craft show but I couldn't afford them so when I saw this one reduced I had to buy it! Lol I'm a sucker for a bargain! Problem is now I want to stitch one but I've promised myself won't start anything new until I finish at least one of the bigger projects I'm working on & all of the small ones I've started! Guess I better get cracking so photos will be up later in the week.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

I'd like to hurt my postman... issue of WOXS came through my door today, bent round my contact lenses pack from specsavers!! Calender is folded in two and my magazine cover is torn...not a happy bunny at all!!
~rant over~
Decided to stitch something halloweeny today so started a pic from an old cross stitcher issue of Archie Bear by Margaret Sherry. (don't judge me, I'll finish the rest at some point!) It's actually stitched up very quickly and should be done by tomorrow's weekly update.
Still working on Newton & Water games but I desperately want to finish the somebunny to Love freebie from the last issue of WOXS because I now despise it!! I hate stitching the faces on them with all the shades of white, cream & grey but I love the end results so I shall persevere!
Have realise I never posted pics of Tom Mouse or of Hello Kitty so shall have to post them up tomorrow along with a proper update on everything.
Think thats all for now though, happy stitching everyone

Thursday, 6 August 2009

time for an update me-thinks!

Hmm, seems I've missed my weekly update last Sunday, So much has been happening!
I finished off my stitching purse (mum very kindly sewed the zip in while I was at work) & I took it to the boot sale on Sunday to test it out, must have been a good luck charm cos I found quite a few stitchy bargains!! First up I found 5 cross stitch kits, complete & unused (except the winnie the pooh kit, its missing the chartFrown which I didn''t discover until I got home, if anyone has the chart for this kit I'd be extremely grateful for a copy!)
Then I found 24 needlecraft magazines for £1!!
Had a few good bargains at the charity shops recently as well, found 2 Joan Elliott books that I'd been looking for for a while.
Got some work done on Netwon finally, doesn't show up well in the photo but all the flowers on Newton's lap are done & I've started on the tree branch above him
Also started doing some work on Water Games today as it's been almost a year since I started it & I've finally made some progress!!! It's actually stitching up quite quickly to my mum's delight so I'm going to work on it for the next week while I'm on holiday. Hopefully I'll get it done quite quickly.
Think that's everything so far, Have a great week everyone!! Happy Stitching!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Having a nice day today

Haven't done any stitching yet as I've been at the boot sale all morning, made £100 on my parent's stall selling bits & bobs I don't want anymore & found quite a few stitchy bargains on my look round as well.