Monday, 15 December 2008

Getting excited!

It's almost Christmas!! My mum is giving me the best present ever!! There wasn't really anything in particular that i wanted this year so she's filling a box with all kinds of stitchy stash!! I have no idea what I'm getting but i can't wait to find out!! Only 10 days to go!!! Finally got to put my tree up today and treated my mum to a trip to the cinema, we saw Inkheart & it was awesome!! Didn't follow the book completely by otherwise was very good! On a stitching note I have completed all my UFO's from this year so start 2009 with 4 WIP's which I have started to work on.

just in time for 2009!!

finished all my UFO's from the past year, only 4 WIP's to carry over into the begining of next year and I've made a start on finishing those as well!! So happy!!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


A few mistakes here and there but you can't really tell. Swapped the coloured threads on the lights for DMC Light Effects colours and they really sparkle!! Can't really tell in the picture though.

Now working on finishing off Collecting Flowers & the last few xmas cards!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Tree Light Tangle is nearly finished!

Only 2 more red lights & the last of the back stitch to go!! I think I'll be finished before the end of the weekend! Working tomorrow & have a party to go to afterwards so won't get any time to stitch but nothing planned in yet for Sunday so should get in done, will post pics up when it's finished. Just wish I knew what I was going to do with it afterwards!

Monday, 1 December 2008

well it's back to work for me...

But have had a lovely week off, tidied up my stitchy stash (is messy again now but not the point!) did some stitching (not as much as i previously planned), saw my family & bought more stash!!
Ok, there we go! Stash pic one is a card kit from The Bold Sheep called tree light tangle I picked up from John Lewis, along with some of the Anchor Lame threads, plan on using them to stitch the tree lights in the kit to make it a little more christmassy! Picture 2 is the stash I picked up from my local craft shop, masons. Really nice place, sells lots of different crafty items including alot of cross stitch stuff. Picked up Nora Corbett's 'Ivy' chart, DMC stranded cotton shade card, 2 mini chart books for the DMC Linen threads & almost the entire set of DMC Linen threads!! (bit of a spending spree but my mum works there and I get to use her 20% off everything staff discount!Smile) Lastly had been admiring Shell's work over at 'cross those stitches' and finally caved and bought the DMC raindeer card kit or as Shell's nicknamed it 'Dopey Raindeer' (Bargin on ebay @ £1.50!)
Dragonfly Tile was a download from & is my Nan's chrstmas present. The green backstitched border is meant to have confetti stitched flowers in it but I ran out of time to do them as I went to see her on Saturday; She really liked her present (she's like a big kid, mention presents and she want's it straight away!) but as she's decorating her house atm she wasn't too sure where to put it! Second photo here is my current WIP, tree light tangle, I started it on Saturday and have just got the lights & backstitch to do now!