Sunday, 31 August 2014

Stitch From Stash August

finally this post title is an accurate one, why? Because I started something new from my stash!!!

Yes dear followers after 8 months of stitching (or lack thereof) on the projects I had languishing in my project bag (only green series after finishing Super mario) I bit the bullet and started something Ive had kitted up for years!

Tiger Lily by Nora Corbett.

I've been in love with this design since it first came out but I was always too nervous to start it, despite stitching her Halloween Fairy kit a few years ago. I even toyed with the idea of selling the chart and bead pack at one stage but I found myself unable to part with it.

Green Series is progressing a little this month albeit at a snail's pace.... maybe I'll get a few more stitches in to it in September.

I have also added a few more colourful hooky rows to my blanket :) Better get a shift on really, it'll soon be cold enough to use it!

And I cast on a new knitting project (my first ever garment!)

This is going to be a knit-in-one-piece jumper, very simple for a beginner knitter like myself but not using the recommended yarns (100% raw silks at £21 a ball!-no thanks!) Mine uses a very soft 100% bamboo yarn mixed with an angora/merino blend instead :)

And the reason(s) for my slightly more productive month?
1. I liked the comment someone in the group made last month that this is a stash diet not a new start diet.
2. It's started getting chilly this month which always has me reaching for the yarn based projects
3. New glasses!! I can finally see without looking through a very scratched/beat up pair of lenses!!!

So to sum up, still no spending to report (even with the temptation of a market bonus!) and thankfully a bit of stash busting going on!!

xX Fiona Xx