Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day :)

wow two posts in as many days, alert the media!!!

So I hit the sales in Oxford today and came away with a few things I'd been looking at before Christmas.

I put the voucher my brother gave me towards ZombieU and then bought a couple of other games preowned for the 3DS and a walkthrough guide for the Super Mario game I recieved yesterday (yes I'm stuck already)

Bought a couple of cd's and t-shirts in HMV, then bought Batman Arkham City for the WiiU when I saw it was reduced :)

Been playing ZombieU in the dark tonight and honestly it is terrifying!!! Not really a 1st person shooter gamer, prefer platformers such as Mario & Sonic but I am enjoying playing it!

Hoping to get some stitching done after work tomorrow!!!

xX Fiona Xx

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas to all....

and to all a good night :)

Today has been spent in the company of my parents and younger brother, I've recieved some wonderful gifts from my friends, a beautifully stitched cushion from Michelle (and some smellies!) and a Christmas banner kit by Dimensions from Kath.

My other presents have been mostly gaming related, a new 3DS XL, Paper Mario Sticker Star & the Guiness Book of Records Gamer's Edition from my parents. A £15 voucher for Game from my brother and my friend Simon bought me a Super Mario plushie toy & a voucher for the Nintendo

I also got a ticket to go and see Muse in Coventry next may from my friends Dave & Toni (so looking forward to going!) and then the typically smellies and chocolates (did not last long!!!) from co-workers and other extended family.

so onto 2013, hasn't the year gone quickly?!

2012 was not a good blogging/crafting year for me, I didn't keep up with any of my SAL's or the TUSAL and for several months at a time my crafty bugs went AWOL. But enough of the bad points!

Highlights of 2012 were joining a knitting group on Thursday mornings & learning the basics of Crochet, starting several personal challenges and making fairly good headway on them even if I didn't manage to finish them, emptying the majority of my finishing pile and actually making my cross stitched pieces into items I can enjoy.

So onto 2013 and my hopes for the year.

This time last year my project bag was almost empty, save for a large project and two slightly smaller ones. This year however my project bag is overflowing with half started works and almost finished items. For this reason I will not be joining the Crazy January Challenge in 2013.

I will be following along with the TUSAL posts but I will post up at the start of each month rather than on the new moon. I have created my own blog calender so will be scheduling my posts around that in the attempt to blog more often than I have this year.

I have joined the Santa's Village SAL, I'll post a link to the blog when I've actually made a start, houses 1 & 2 are out now but I have yet to purchase either of them.

Lizzie Kate announced a monthly ornament series that I also hope to at least purchase if not stitch next year.

I'm aiming to finish all my current projects and I have a wicket basket full of small charts I hope to stitch as well as trying to work through some of my kit stash.

I bought lots of yarn this year and I hope to crochet a throw designed by Lucy @ Attic24 on Thursday mornings at my knitting group.

I think that's everything, hopefully I'll be back before the new year with photos of my presents but if not then I shall see you all in 2013 :)

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

xX Fiona Xx