Sunday, 21 March 2010


Finally finished the birth sampler for my boss at last!!! And as promised here is my TUSAL update for march, sorry its so late, I'll try and be on time next month!! Threads on my jar this month are all from the birth sampler, both versions one and two.
Now the sampler is finished it's back to water games!!!
See you all again soon :)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

oh bother...

It appears that I have missed a month of blogging. Oh well I'm back now...sort of...been having a bad time stitching wise lately... Having almost finished the birth sampler I was stitching for my boss and his wife I discovered that I had missed a couple of stitches somewhere in the border so that the border itself was not symertrical and wouldn't actually join up to form a complete line. Unfazed I unpicked upto the point where I had gone wrong (after taking a good hour to work out where that was exactly) only to discover that I had also stitched the border a good five or six stitches higher that it should have been and so would not be able to fit any of the birth details on the sampler. After much shouting in frustration I realised that the amount of time it would take me to unpick and restitch the entire border would take more time than restarting the project entirely. (I'd been using a varigated thread and was having to use single stitches to do the border) I duly started stitching the project again and have now almost finished it. Aiming to have it finished by the weekend. It was stitching up quite quickly the second time round as I am stitching it on DMC's magic guide aida to ensure I don't make any counting errors this time! However this has slowed down considerable the last day or so as I have injured my wrist on my stitching hand and now holding a needle for longer than 30 mins gives me a tingling pain in my hand. I am wearing a support bandage to stitch as I need to finish this sampler ASAP but have decided that if the pain hasn't gone away by Friday I shall be going to the doctors. Pictures of TUSAL and my sampler will be uploaded over the weekend as it's begining to hurt to type and I haven't got my camera handy at the moment. Happy Stitching everyone!!