Monday, 21 September 2009

Newton's Law pic

hope you like it! I love it but I won't be doing it again in a hurry!!!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Finally Finished!!

Well it's taken just over 9 months to the day but I finally finish my Newton's Law from cross stitch crazy #122!! I would love to post a picture up but it seems my mum's taken the camera up to Coventry to visit my brother. Will post updated pics tonight when she gets back. I'm so happy!!! There were 57 french knots in total on the design so I've really managed to perfect them although my fingers are now very sore thank to the sharp needle!

Sandown Park Stitchy Show...

was not as good as it has been previously, although I do enjoy papercrafting & jewellery making etc my main hobby is cross stitch so I was rather disappointed to see far fewer cross stitch stalls than usual. However that aside, I had a very nice day out with my mum. Bought some lovely new stash including:
Some lovely new aida's from the sew-it-all stand & some more DMC threads to finish a birth sampler for my boss & my nan's xmas present. Also bought myself some kits I have been after for a while as they had been reduced. The Margaret Sherry 'Stitch in time' kit was a bit of an indulgence as was the 'Tiddles' kit but the Humphrey's Corner kits were only £2.99 each and I love the one called 'Baby Talk' mostly because Baby Jack is holding the phone upside down!
Also decided to indulge my jewellery making urge and bought some lush new beads and some really nice elephant charms for £1. Most people know I love the Margaret Sherry cross stitch designs but I also love MS rubber stamps, stickers, etc so I was very happy to find these stitcker sheets for £1.50 each! I just love the little mice & hedgehogs!
Also bought some ATC card blanks & clear detail stamps as I plan on making ATC's next year but my favourite bargain of the day was completely free! Faye Whitaker was there signing copies of the all our yesterdays book by david & charles which I already own. I explained this to her as I love her work as does my mum so she signed one of her prints for me for nothing!!
Needless to say I was speechless & had to give her a hug! She was so friendly! I framed it as soon as I got home and as soon as the craft room is sorted out it will have pride of place on the wall! Faye was also unveiling the new All Our Yesterdays designs and I have to say I love them!!
All in all, we had a nice time and got to meet one of my favourite designers!!
Hope everybody had a nice weekend & Happy Stitching!

Friday, 18 September 2009


Ok firstly, Newton is really starting to take shape, I just have to finish the backstitching across the flowers on his lap & the last of the French Knots then he's done!! I'm thinking of turning him into a bellpull or something rather than framing him as it's quite a small design, just incredibly fiddly!! Should have him finished before the weekend is over, didn't realise just how hard the flowers are to do!
Second update is the TUSAL update, can't believe it's the new moon already! Lastest editions to my jar are the final threads from Archie Bear, Somebunny, Newton & some threads from my new start; Humphrey's Corner 'Trains'. Love this design & love how fast it stitches up! Next month should show more threads from water games among other things but only time will tell!
Think thats everything for today, will update again tomorrow or sunday with pics from the show at sandown park tomorrow!!
Happy Stitching!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Plan is WORKING!!! (so far!)

AngelicI know even I'm shocked and it's my plan lol, while I am well known for making plans & being quite organised, it generally falls apart days ater I put it into action. This is why my needle case is still MIA... anyway...
Had a good start to the week, didn't do any stitching Monday as I had a Lord Of The Rings marathon round my friends house instead..I forgot how good those films are!! Made good progress with Humphrey, at the rate he's stitching up he'll be finished before the first week of October lolSmile
Been stitching Newton all day and I've finally finished the cross stitch!!! All that's left is the backstitch!! Perplexed I say 'all', the backstitching itself looks to be a complete pain in the backside, however I have 2 days left to stitch him so if I work hard I might just manage to finish him before Saturday!

However as much as I would love to continue stitching now, I am very tired so I think it's time for bed! Sleepy Happy Stitching everyone, see you all on Friday for the TUSAL update!!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Another Finish...& a new start....

This week I came up with a plan for my stitching for the rest of the year that will allow me to finish off my current projects but will also give me time to start new ones! So far it's working!
My new plan is this; for every current project I finish, I can start something new. Here is whatI have planned for rest of September & October:
Finish Archie (done)
Finish somebunny freebie (done)
Finish Newton Law SAL
Finish the piglet section of water games
Start Humphrey's Corner 'Trains'
Finish Mirabilia 'Halloween Fairy'
Finish Humphrey's Corner 'Trains'
Finish laundry basket & weary fairy on 'housework fairies'
Start Tigger quarter on 'water games'
Start Solo 'contented xmas'
On that note, I've finished my somebunny freebie (finally!!) However because I stitched it on a lower count aida it doesn't quite fit in the mount provided lol, I think I'm going to either have to trim the appature so it does fit or enlarge the mount on the computer...either way I love it!
Have started on Humphrey's 'trains' and will post an update later in the week with photo's, I plan to stitch some more of Humphrey on Monday/Tuesday then finish off Newton before the stitching show at Sandown Park on Saturday! Then Sunday will be spent progressing on Water Games!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


been looking for my needle case all day and I haven't found it...have tidyied up all my stash and boy do I have more than I realised!! Oh well, off to do some stitching, hopefully my case will materialise eventually...

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

one year old today!!

Happy Birthday Blog!!!
Birthday Party Blower

Monday, 7 September 2009

hmm...I've lost my needles...

I had all my spare needles in a little needle case so I wouldn't lose them only now I've gone and misplaced the case itself...haven't used it in a while as I've been trying to finish off various projects but went to put my needle from Archie away as he's done and I have no idea where I put the case.... will have to have a proper sort out on Wednesday I think (day off!) and try to find it again, put my needle in some spare fabric for now Confused Anyway...on to other news, as I've already mentioned I finished my Archie Bear finally!! Ilove stitching this design, although I did noticed I've made a mistake, I'd of corrected it but I noticed it as I was backstitching it!Back on to Somebunny freebie & Halloween Fairy now!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Boot Sale Bargains!!

Made my weekly trip to the boot sale again today and really had a fantastic day Smile wasn't expecting to find much but boy was I wrong! Found a couple of games for my sega megadrive & playstation (I love retro consoles!) & a couple of books I've been looking for but my best buy for the day was probably 136 cross stitch magazines for £10!! Many of which still had the cover kits & freebie charts with them! On the same stall I also found two Joan Elliot design works kits for £6.50 brand new, so I'm a very happy bunny indeed! Bunny Been working on Archie bear this afternoon and I've very nearly finished it! Will post pics as soon as it's done!