Wednesday, 28 September 2011

show and tell~updates :D

Lots and lots to show and tell, possibly to much to remember or fit into a single post but lets see how far it goes shall we?

First up I have done so many exchanges this year and still have several left to finish before 2011 is done, in fact I realised the other day that while the majority of my stash buying this year has been for my own stitching stash (that is, stuff I want to stitch for myself) the majority of my stitching has been for exchanges and PIF/RAK's etc. Pretty sure next year will be a much more selfish year lol my stash is calling out to be stitched!

So so onto the actual exchanges, my blog history tells me that the last exchange I showed was the anytheme biscornu exchange from way way waaaay back in May  so we really do have a lot to get through, first is the Summer Coaster exchange:

Here is what I sent
And here is what I received:

Next up was the Summer bookmark exchange, sadly this is the only exchange where I don't have a photo of what I sent out, mostly because I was still finishing it the day it was supposed to be posted and I panicked when it was finished to get it posted asap! however here is what I received:

it's actually hard to tell from this angle but there are lots of tiny pink beads sewn to this bookmark which sparkle lots!!

Next up was probably one of my favourite exchanges of the year the Coffee exchange,

here is what I sent:
And what I received:

and the other side of the cushion

Next up was the chocolate exchange ~ no stitching needed for this one, all we had to do was post someone £5 worth of chocolate!! YUM! lol here is was I sent out (I did include a DMC chocolate scented thread kit from my stash)

And here is what I received, I'd be lying if I said it lasted very long after this picture was taken!

Still keeping up? Still have a long way to go yet! The next exchange was the Like it LOUD exchange, could be anything as long as it was colourful so I stitched this:
(also on my list for next year as I loved it so much I found it hard to part with!)

And I received:

I love the little skeins of thread!!

Next up was a exchange for night owls, a card exchange featuring Owls and our wisest words, I sent:
And I received

this is now framed by my bed, the eyes & beak are felt!

Only 4 more to go for today!! I warned you there was a lot!! In fact there are more but I'm getting fed up with posting them and I haven't actually uploaded the photos of what I received to my computer yet so they can wait!!

Next was the Teatime exchange, I sent: 
And received:

Quite tempted to stitch the other half of the forever friends design in another coaster as it's from a magazine I own :)

Next was the starsign exchange, I sent:

and received:

Next was another favourite of mine, the prince charming exchange, normally we stitchers hate receiving frogs as it usually means we have to ripout our stitches however these frogs we didn't mind getting!!
I sent a mirror pouch out:

And I was sent:

Lastly (for today) is the Quotation Orny exchange, literally was simple as it sounds, stitch your favourite quote or saying and make it into an ornament, I sent:

first time I'd ever finished an orny like this and I will definetely be making more in this style (and this one as again I loved it almost to much to part with it!)

I received this lovely wall hanging

Ok well thats it for now, honestly I still have so many exchanges left to show you all and then theres my lovely new stash to lust over that I may do a second post today, anythign could happen lol I hope you've enjoyed looking at my stitching, until next time

Happy stitching!!

xX Fiona Xx

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

September Tusal

ok well blogger seems to have changed since I last posted, appologies that update never really happened even though I promised it would, day off tomorrow so after i do a couple of errands I will try and get my blogging bug in gear!!

This post is basically ujust my tusal update for September's new moon, the small jar is full of my orts for this month and the large jar is for the year, mostly pokemon patch in my jar for the month this time round, have a few days left to finsih it and I honestly don't know if I'll make it :S

In other news I went to the stitching show at Sandown Park a couple of weekends ago and I use the term 'stitching show' loosly but more on that tomorrow so stay tuned for stitching reveals, stash and show rants!!

Happy Stitching

xX Fiona Xx

Monday, 12 September 2011

I don't seem to be very good at this blogging stuff lately

but I have been stitching up a storm lately with one exchange after another, now that its finally slowing down again I hope to be back and blogging more regularly!!  Hopefully i will still have some followers by then!

I hope to post up a lengthy couple of blog posts by saturday showing just what I have been up to but right now I have more exchanges to finish befre the stitchy show at Sandown park on Friday :D (mum's birthday too and neither one of us can wait!)