Thursday, 26 November 2009

On a roll!

After finishingRobert Pattinson yesterday I finishd off Humphrey's Corner 'Trains' today :-) Now back onto Bentley Bear, should have him finished over the weekend as it's a very simple design.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

New Moon, TUSAL & a finish!!

Well there's a bit of a Twilight theme this week :) Went and saw New Moon last Friday and for anyone who is planning on going to see this film I definately recomend it!! It's amazing!! In fact I enjoyed the film so much I am going again on Friday with my best friend :-) My TUSAL update is over 10 days late now and with 2 very good reasons :-) Reason 1 is that i forgot all about it and Reason 2 is that I was desperatly trying to finish off my latest project which I finally managed to do tonight :-) On that note we're back to the Twilight theme. I had been working on the christmas Bentley Bear kit that came free with cross stitch crazy about a month ago when I realised I was running out of the threads that came with the free kit. Spent about half an hour matching the freebie threads to the threads I'd bought to stitch the papercrafting Bentley bear from a different issue of WOCS. By this time it was around 1AM and I was too tired to continue stitching. The next day I picked up the lastest issue of Cross Stitcher magazine and was very excited when I saw the stitch a star chart was Robert Pattinson (Edward in Twilight) and was even more excited to discover that the threads needed to stitch Robert where the same onces I'd put to one side to stitch Bentley the night before!! Needless to say poor Bentley has been abandoned until now as I tried in vain to stitch Robert before the premiere of New Moon in the cinema. Obviously I didn't quite succeed but I can now say that Bentley will be finished by the weekend! I can also say that I am the sad loser who knows all the words to all the songs on the movie soundtrack as that is all I've listened to for the last two weeks! Ok so new threads in my TUSAL jar, masses of browns, creams & ginger tones from Rob Pattinson, a few reds from Bentley Bear along with some more of the browns & creams, a few thread number paper things as I also managed to sort out some of my skeins onto bobbins but still have many many more to do lol. Will aim to be on time for the update next month as it'll be the last one of 2009!