Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Stitch from Stash2014- Splurge weekend report

So this weekend gone was Nashville Market in the States and as a birthday treat Mel at Epic Stitching said we could have a splurge spending weekend with a $100 limit (anything over would be counted as stash spending for the month)

I am happy to report that as I had absolutely no money to splurge I spent £0 - that's right nada, zip, zilch. 

To be honest although I have charts in my wishlist from 123stitch that I would LOVE to own right now I simply don't have the funds to buy them so I'm actually finding it pretty easy to not spend on stash. Once payday rolls round it may be another matter though!

xX Fiona Xx

Where the hell did the month go?

seriously!! It's been almost a month since my last post and that means that I've missed a couple of posting dates for groups! So this will be a catch-up post of sorts

TUSAL was January 30th-thankfully I've not stitched much since then seeing as I finished Lee's Valentine's project before the posting date so here is what my jar looks like-threads from 'secret valentines project' & super mario thru the ages.

Theme-a-licious January came to an end and I didn't work on a single Garden themed piece. Feb's theme is 'Fantasy February' again I have nothing in my WIP/UFO pile that fits the theme and I want to finish Super Mario so I'll be working on that.

WIPocalypse post was Feb 14th (I was in Haslemere with Lee celebrating Valentine's Day but I'll post more about that another time) and the topic of discussion was on 'Stitching habits-rotation or one at a time?'

This is a harder topic for me to pin down as I have tried it both ways. I've tried rotational stitching, dedicating days to certain projects or setting goal based deadlines (super mario in the run up to new year) and for me it just doesn't work, I've tried one at a time as well but I find that I get bored and get the itch to start something new.

I did the Crazy January Challenge a few years ago hoping that the flurry of starts at the beginning of the year would encourage me to finish them all by the year end but all that happened was that I lost interest in the larger projects opting for newer smaller starts.

So I guess I am an anything goes stitcher, it really does depend on my mood, yes I'll dedicate time to one project but if it starts to bore me I will start something new, they all get finished in the end and as long as they aren't for anybody else I guess all that matters is that I'm enjoying the time I spend working on it.

In terms of projects worked on this month, I worked on Super Mario & I finished Lee's Valentine project. Thankfully he loved it :)