Sunday, 26 July 2009

Lots to show & tell!!

ahh.. it's been a very good day today, if not a tiring one...
Today I finished the backstitch on MS shop-a-holic hedgehog, I decided against the background in the end, mostly because I'd backstitched most of it before remembering I still had to do it. Anyway...after I finished the stitching the front of my purse I set about designing and stitching the back, didn't take to long. Couple of frogs here and there trying to position it correctly on the Aida but nothing major. Started making the purse up as well this afternoon, only need to sew the zip in now Smile This is what the back of my purse looks like Smile

After I'd gotten as far as I could with the purse I was supposed to go back to stitching Somebunny but I got an idea stuck in my head for a scissor case ( I take them to work a lot & tend to stab my fingers with them loose in my bag!) so I charted the design up and stitched it in less than an hour! It just makes me smile considering how much I've had to frog this weekend! I did do some work on Somebunny today, but not enough to merit a photo. I will finish it tomorrow at work.

Picked up the Birth Sampler from the framers on Friday, really pleased with how it turned out so I'll definitely use the framers again.

Last thing for today, I've been nominated for an award!
This lovely award comes from Gaynor over at
I'm supposed to nominate 8 people to send this blog onto but I honestly can't single out 8 people so if you read my blog please help yourself to this award Smile
Think thats everything for today, have a lovely week & happy stitching everyone!!
Frog 5 no more frogs!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

So nearly finished!

Only have half the back stitch left to do on the hedgehog, would love to finish it now but my index finger in my stitching hand is really begining to swell up and I can't bear it any more, I hope to finish it first thing tomorrow (providing the swelling goes down overnight... Rolling Eyes ), then it's back onto Somebunny & Newton!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Couldn't wait till Sunday!

Carried on stitching all afternoon & have nearly finished my shop-a-holic hedgehog!!

Only one bag, a pacel & part of the background to do, frogged the background I'd started as I feel that one strand of thread on the background will make the hedgehog stand out better than using two strands.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

First TUSAL update & some current WIP...

Well I missed the new moon yesterday due to work & going to a friends house last night. But here is my TUSAL update for July. Newest threads to be added are from 2 new starts which are both small so shouldn't take to long & some threads from Newton who will be finished soon. (I hope!)
I've not made much progress on my Newton's Law chart this week yet, just a few stitches here & there, I hope to finish it before I go on holiday at the begining of August so I can work on Halloween Fairy so I'll have to get to work soon! Recieved my subs copy of WOXS last week & made a start on the somebunny freebie kit. I'd done an arm & most of the dungarees before I realised the chart said to stitch it with one strand not two like I'd been. Rather than frog the whole thing I decided to carry on as usually I have enough thread to do the kit twice. Not this time... I've already had to dash out and buy a skein of DMC 162 as I ran out and couldn't finish the dungarees, now it looks like I won't have enough of the grey tones to do the shading on her head... luckily it's payday tomorrow so I'm going to buy the few coloursI need just in case! I also decided to substitute the stitches on the dungarees where the buttons would be for some real heart shaped buttons I had in my workbox, I think they look so sweet even if they are just a little bit to big! Also started a chart from the 2009 Margaret Sherry Calender that came free with Cross Stitcher magazine. I've decided not to stitch the background colour to save time & I'm stitching it on sparkly green aida instead. Had a bit of a nightmare when I realised just how many fractionals are in this design but I'm making good progress, about a days work is pictured here so far. I'm going to make it into a coin purse to take to the stitching show with me & I'm going to stitch the phase 'I stitch therefore I stash' on the back. (It seemed appropriate!) This is the first time I've made a purse & if it goes well I'm going to make one each for my cousins for Christmas. They are both less than 10 and proper girly girls so hopefully they'll love them! Thats all from me so far, should have another update on Sunday :)
Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Been stitching all morning and I've just finished the Lavender Pot Card Kit!! Took about 3 days in total to stitch up which isn't too bad but I won't be doing it again in a hurry! Just about had enough threads to stitch it and the shades of purple where quite hard to tell apart. Also included a pic of Little Miss Naughty as I forgot to take a pic for my weekly update.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Weekly Update

Managed to do half the flowers on Newton, I didn't realise they were made up of white & pink stitches (the working copy I'm using isn't the greatest photocopy in the world) so they are taking longer to stitch than I expected but here is my progress so far.Took some stitching to work today as I found the lavender card I started a little while ago, here is my progress from today, got quite a bit done today so not much left to do now :)
Happy Stitching!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Little Miss Naughty is done!

Only took two days to complete and now I'm working on the Newton's Law design from CSC#122. Started the design way back when the issue was out in the shops but had to stop to do a few other things like cards & stuff so now I'm going to finish it hopefully! It's part of my rotatiion and I have a target for July so should see some progress soon. Pic will follow on Sunday when hopefully you'll see the progress I've made :) Hope everyone is having a nice week :)

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Birth Sampler Is Finished!!

And only a week over my target finish date!! Smile Karmay came out of hospital a week ago today so I am very pleased to have finished her sampler. Just waiting for it to dry so it can be pressed then it's off the the framers!
I was a little naughty yesterday...I started stitching my Little Miss Naughty kit while I was at work, I'm amazed at how much stitching you can get done in a couple of hours! I got to work just under an hour early so did some stitching & then did some more on my lunch break and she's almost finished! Will carry on with her now I've finished the sampler off :) Not bought much stash this week, however I have bought a lot of magazines off eBay & the ladies on the forum, so have spent my evenings reading through back issues of quick & easy, cross stitcher, XS collection, XS crazy & WOXS, I have seen so many charts I want to!! I just wish I could find the time!!
(I also have no real idea of where I am going to put all these magazines Mouth At Side)
Think thats everything for this week, happy stitching everyone!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

how time flies, just when you don't want it too.

Has is really been over a week since my last update?! I know I promised photos of my sampler before it was finished but my brother took the camera with him to the tank museum for a gaming exhibition & I couldn't wait to finish it! It's completed now, just needs to be washed & pressed before going to the framers!