Sunday, 22 May 2011

serial starting bug is twitching...

So in the mood to start something new but know that I shouldn't as I have a few pieces on the go atm. Currently working on a small exchange piece which is nearly finished so I'm hoping that the finish will kill the urge to start something, probably not but hey I can dream right?!!

work is slooowly progessing on the pokemon patch, background is so tedious so I find myself only doing a few stitches a night... not sure I'll be able to do my second one before the posting date at this rate!!

Mario has not been touched in at least 2 weeks and Bob the Builder still is just an arm...

Maybe reading this post back will kill of that new start inch!!!

Happy Stitching to you all

xX Fiona Xx

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Tea with Jane Austen

Seeing as I finally uploaded some of the photos from my trip to the Jane Austen Centre in Bath (a very late birthday outing with my parents) I thought I would share some of my favourite photos of the day.
Firstly the Jane Austen Centre itself, at 40 Gay Street, just a few doors down from where Jane Austen herself lived at No. 25.

The Regency dress on display which was originally handed into a charity shop in pieces for scrap!! (the board behind explains the story behind the dress)

After leaving the Jane Austen Centre we looked around Bath itself, my Dad had been here while he was at University and he took great joy in showing us around the Bath that he remembered, I really wanted to go the the Roman Paths and the Pump Room but sadly the queues were just too long - maybe next time! We wandered past the Parade Gardens, yet another place I would have loved to have gone in to and had a look around but we simply didn't have the time, however I did see these Janeites having tea on the roundabout just outside the Gardens and couldn't resist taking a photograph!!

Obviously no trip would be complete without a trip to a gift shop and I am pleased to say the gift shop at the Austen Centre is one of my favourites! I bought so many books on Regency Bath & Jane Austen's life in Bath as well as Lost in Austen on DVD. I also picked up a copy of Sense & Sensibility (the last Austen Novel I needed) and many of the fictional books based on Jane's work including A Weekend with Mr Darcy & Rude Awakenings of A Jane Austen Addict. Of course after I saw the Jane Austen Centre Teddy I simply had to have it ~ and no I've not named him Darcy!! I have called him Edmund after my favourite character in Mansfield Park!! (sorry no pictures yet! My room is in the process on being moved into a bigger room and he's alreday been packed up!)

Had a wonderful day and honestly can't wait to go back! I think I'd probably move to Bath if I could!

xX Love Fiona Xx

Monday, 16 May 2011

New Start

Yes I opted for a new start, it's one of my pokemon patches for the PPG (patchwork pokemon gym) click the link on the right fr more info on PPG!  Not much done yet but thought I'd show how much I got done before I started falling asleep!

this will be krabby & kingler from the original pokemon games!

xX Love Fiona Xx

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Halloween/UFO Finish *happy dances*

Yes my first (of many) halloween finishes for the year & it's my ufo project finish too

Designer: Waxing Moon Designs
Fabric: 14ct blue cloud aida from (run out of this one too now *sob*)
Threads: Recommended Sampler threads & DMC's except the dark purple around the hat, opted for the suggested DMC rather than the recommended Sampler thread as it was a weird dye lot that was more red than purple.

I left out the frog button as I liked the pumpkin so much I didn't want to cover it up at all!

Now that my Sunday nights are UFO free it's back onto Super Mario stitching now or maybe time to start something new....

Happy Stitching!!

xX Love Fiona Xx

Biscornu Exchange

This is what I sent for the Any theme Biscornu exchange on the forum:
Stitched on a scrap of white adia using DMC varigated thread.

And here is what I received:

 And a few close-ups, top:
 and bottom:

I love the beaded edges on this biscornu, looks so elegant & sparkles in the light!!

xX Love Fiona Xx

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Resting In Peace

Today I received some very sad news , my Grandma passed away in her sleep in the early hours of the morning. She had been very ill for quite some time and had declined rapidly since Monday so it was expected but it still shocking to hear.

Hopefully will have some stitching to show soon but for now I am taking some time out to be with my family, especially my father who has now lost both his parents.

Love Fiona x

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

TUSAL time again (may 2011)

Really? It's TUSAL time again already!? Ok then here is my jar update :) lots of exchange threads this month :)

also you can see the results of my bobbin thread winding session in the smaller jar :) still loads of threads to wind though now and it's all that super mario patterns fault!!!
Happy Stitching!
xX Fiona Xx