Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Wedding Sampler

is done!!!! Just in the nick of time too, stupidly forgot to get a photo before I wrapped it up but tbh it's a rush frame job that I'm not overly happy about but seeing as they are going to unwrap it in about 4 maybe 5 hours time I will reframe it properly and take photos then!

Right now I am off to bed as I am shattered after my mad rush tonight to get it finished, framed and wrapped up in time!!

xX Fiona Xx

Saturday, 26 March 2011

A change in plans

UFO Night has been moved to Saturday night this week as I have plans with friends on Sunday night. Saturday daytime will be spent making up some finished items ready for posting on Monday & hopefully stitching on Mario inbetween while glue dries!

So far this week I have finished one of my Easter exchange pieces and have almost finished the wedding sampler, (hoping to get it framed over the weekend or at the very latest Monday night!!) I want to be stitching it now but my mum keeps coming in my room periodically to chat so for now I'm stitching Easter cards! (Easier than attempting to hide it every time she pops in!

Will be back over the weekend with updates and photos!

Happy Stitching

xX Fiona Xx

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Weekend Progress

This weekend was my first full weekend of 'me-time stitching'. That is that the projects I was working on are purely for me, not exchanges or comissions or anything else.

Saturday was a Mario day. I actually got quite a bit done despite a late afternoon start, but I am so sick of DMC 739 now!!! Hopefully I'll be able to get the last of the cream finished next week.

Sunday was my second UFO night and again I was suprised at how much I actually enjoy stitching this design! Makes me wonder why it's taken so long to pick up again after Christmas!

This week sees me continuing with Exchange pieces & that Wedding Sampler for Mum & Dad, so nearly finished and a good thing it is too, it's their anniversary on the 29th! Thought I had the perfect frame but the finished design is much more square than I thought so I'm going to buy a 8x8 frame instead.

Till next time, happy stitching!
xX Fiona Xx

Friday, 18 March 2011

Can We Fix It?

Yes We Can!!

No I haven't gone insane, I'm stitching a Bob The Builder picture for my boss's 2 year old son who is Bob Crazy!! It's to celebrate the fact that he's just got his first big boy bed. Here is what the design will look like when it's finished,

It's actually going to be pretty big when it's finished, approximately 8x12, mostly because his name is quite long and secondly because I'm stitching it on 16ct Aida. Once I've knocked out a few more exchange bits and pieces I'll be able to focus a little more on this design during the week, so far all I've done a little of the black outlines on his arm.

I'm hoping to get the outlines and some of the lettering finished by the end of this month but I guess we'll see how it goes, I have quite a few easter exchanges and the wedding sampler to finish too so it's gonna pretty tough but hopefully I'll make it :)

xX Fiona Xx

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

a giveaway!!!

Cath over at The Stitchin' Chicken is having a 100 followers giveaway, some lovely stash up for grabs so go and check it out!!!

xX Fiona Xx

Monday, 14 March 2011

UFO Night Progress

So last night was my first UFO Night and this is what I achieved

I actually had a lot of fun stitching this design last night and am really looking forward to stitching on it again next Sunday.For now it's back to Secret Stitchings, PIFs, Exchanges & Comissions :)

Till next time, happy stitching

xX Fiona Xx

Saturday, 12 March 2011

I've been thinking...

not always a smart move but I'm hoping this time it is. I've decided that due to the volume of exchange stitching I have yet to do and the fact that I have taken on another commission pieceI will have to rethink the times I spend stitching on projects. As soon as I finish this wedding sampler (hopefully by mid next week) I will be putting this into effect.

Week Nights~Exchange/Commission Stitching
Saturdays/nights~Super Mario Sampler
Sunday nights~UFO Night!

This way I can keep the weekends free to do my own personal projects so they don't get neglected and i can use the weekdays/nights to keep on top of the exchanges! Seeing as I missed UFO night this week I will be stitching on Halloween Short Stack tomorrow instead of the Wedding Sampler, I could use a break from the late night stitching! Last nights work was so full of frogs I may as well have gotten some extra kip instead!

Friday, 11 March 2011

uh oh....

lol, I've been looking at 123stitch.com and my wishlist has grown so much!!! I love that they have the wishlist feature there, means i don't have to try and remember all the different designs I like but also means I can pick and choose which charts to buy instead of buying them all in one go!

Proper update tomorrow hopefully, going to attempt to get some stitching done tonight so I can almost justify buying some new charts on payday!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend of stitching!

xX Fiona Xx

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A giveaway!

sadly its not mine but Carolyn at Just One More Stitch
is giving away some wonderful new charts.

It ends on the 13th so you've not got long to go and check it out!!

xX Fiona Xx

Sunday, 6 March 2011

I hate to admit it..

but I have a UFO again...I haven't picked up Halloween Short Stack since New Year's. In order to rectify this as soon as possible I have decided to spent one day a week (which day exactly will vary due to work shifts) stitching on this design until it is complete, I would spend more time on this project but as I have quite a few exchange pieces to stitch I don't feel I have enough time to spare. Of course I also want to keep stitching on Mario as it is such a large project I don't want to lose momentum and be faced with another large UFO! Here is how far I had gotten with Halloween Short Stack when stitching stopped.

Tomorrow will be spent finishing some exchanges to be posted and then it's UFO Night :)

xX Fiona Xx

Friday, 4 March 2011

Post, Stash, Progress & TUSAL

Got home from work to find a parcel waiting for me, it was the chart and tuck pillows I’d bought from Kath- thanks Kath, they are perfect! I love the peppermint twist design even more in person and can’t wait to stitch it!

My mum & dad went back to Wallingford today as my mum needed something from Poppy Craft and they bought back these two chart booklets, not completely my taste but I’m sure they will come in handy at some point and I’m very grateful for them none the less.

I managed a little stitching done last night on Mario, here is how far I’ve gotten now.

Which brings me very neatly onto my TUSAL post this month, final threads from the Birth Sampler, a few stray ORTs from various exchanges and an awful lot of cream from Mario has been added this month

That’s everything for today, until next time happy stitching!

xX Fiona X

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Well that didn't go exactly as I planned

I was supposed to meet up with Laura for lunch yesterday to give her Archie's birth sampler, however that didn't happen as Laura text me to say she couldn't meet up as she had a ear infection and she thinks she may have given it to Archie as he was very poorly all Tuesday night. She did pop round to mine later in the evening after her mum came home to watch him to collected the sampler though and I'm please to say that she was thrilled!! She even gave me a lovely forever friends thank you card!

The evening was spent curled up on the sofa in front of the telly, I planned to get some more of Mario done but only managed about 20 stitches if that as I got caught up watching Mansfield Park on ITV3! This trip to Bath is getting more and more exciting!!

Oh well....hopefully I'll have better luck tonight, TUSAL tomorrow, don't forget!!

happy stitching
xX Fiona Xx

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I have been stitching I promise!

I just can't show any of it as they are all exchanges! Actually I did start my supprise wedding sampler but I am going to start it again as I am not happy with my original fabric choice.

On Monday I went to Wallingfod with my mum & Margaret, a friend of the family. Margaret is also a craft person and had been telling my mum about a papercraft shop there called Poppy Craft, so naturally we had to go and check it out! I tagged along as I do dabble in papercrafts such as scrapbooking and have been known to make the occasional card, also many of the embellisments meant for papercraft work very well in cross stitch, namely charms, brads, buttons etc. I've been looking for a scrapbook to display some of my cross stitch in for a while so when I spotted this hamper set I couldn't say no! The lamb die-cut sheet came seperately but otherwise everything in the picture was included!

After a quick spot of lunch, Margaret took us to the local fabric shop, Village Fabrics, needless to say I was in Heaven!So many beautiful fabrics and some gorgeous examples of patchwork quilts and wall hangings everywhere, I'm almost tempted to take up another hobby... Of course with all the exchanges and stitching I've been doing recently I couldn't leave without picking up a few pieces of fabric...

Pretty soon it was time to go home, however no stash buying trip would be complete without a visit to my local stitchy shop! Picked up a few bits and pieces to complete a few exchanges, the remaining threads for Mario & bobbins to hold them, the fabric needed for my next BIG project (don't even ask, it's going to be epic!) and also an ex display daylight lamp (not pictured) which was on sale at half the RRP!!

Also picked up the new Cross Stitcher (I love the free gift this month, the little mirror pouch is so sweet!) & the new Cross Stitch Collection, the new Joan Elliott fairy set is stunning!

Finally got home and discovered that my subs copies of World Of Cross Stitch & Cross Stitch Card Shop had also arrived that day, again some lovely designs & free gifts!

Spent the evening finding homes for my lovely new stash, cross checking new threads agains charts making sure I actually have all the threads I need and reading through my new magazines. All in all it was a lovely day to start what will be a very busy week.

See you all on Friday for the next TUSAL update!!
Happy Stitching
xX Fiona Xx