Saturday, 16 October 2010

Woollen Cravings

I have a craving to buy wool. But not just any wool, I have a craving for chunky wool. You know~the really soft squashy type of wool thats just comforting to hold even if its just a ball of wool.

The main reason for my craving is probably the fact that my home is now like an ice-box constantly, even with the heating on thanks to the numerous drafts that seem to come from invisable nooks and crannys. It creeps in under the doors and around the windows, somehow managing to find its way down my neck and around my ankles chilling me all over. So I need wool, wool with which I can cable knit a scarf to keep out the drafts and chills.

Bit melodramatic I know but damn it I'm cold!! I really do want to cable knit a scarf (bit ambitious considering I just about know how to knit let alone do cable stitch!!) I've seen this lovely yarn in my local shop that is perfect for the scarf I want to do but I must wait until the end of the month to purchase it!!

Warmest Wishes
Fiona xx

1 comment:

Blu said...

Aww. Sorry to hear about your freezing house.
Have fun with the knitting.