Thursday, 7 October 2010

Boycott Cross Stitcher!!!

Sorry but I feel the need to vent. Having just purchased the 'new look' cross stitcher magazine the only thing I have to say is that I have wasted £4. Magazines that are entitled 'Britain's No.1 Cross Stitcher' should not heavily feature textile projects!! Especially when many of those projects require expensive finishings!! I am all for learning interesting new finishing techniques but not for every single project in the magazine!! I used to love cross stitcher, the magazine was always bright, colourful and very clean looking in terms of layout, fonts used etc but now it feels very 'twee' and I can honestly say that although I will miss the Maragret Sherry designs I will not be buying that magazine again and would rather use the money I save by not buying it on more stash I am far more likely to do!! Sorry...will have calmed down by next update!!


Bev said...

i stopped buying all magazines and i saved a fortune, i found they were the same type of patterns and the same letters, i used to spend nearly£15 a month!! now i spend it on patterns

demeter83 said...

I'm so glad you said that because I thought I was just being grumpy, I really don't like the new design.
I'm going to give it another month and see whether it's bedded in a bit, but if it doesn't I think I'll be cancelling my subscription and seeing whether another magazine would grab my attention more.

An itch to cross stitch.. said...

I'm a bit the same, I liked the first new look cross stitcher with the free Christmas card pack, but the second one didn't have much in it that I would stitch at all. I might have to cancel my subscription for next year too.