Saturday, 30 October 2010

Lovely Stash Day

Today I recieved the threads I purchased from Kath. Thank you so much hun!! I love Six Strand Sweets threads and now thanks to Kath I have almost every colour avaliable!!

I also popped into my local stitchy shop, mostly because my mum was working and I wanted to say hi. Upside to mum working here is that I get discount, downside it I use it alot lol. Half the time I end up leaving with something I didn't even need to buy. Today was no exception! Bought some lovely christmassy charms I am going to add to my bracelet!

Shh...don't tell anyone (I bought more wool as well!!) Going to make a lovely chunky scarf for my mum for christmas in the green and one for me in the pink :)

Now my final piece for today was actually a RAK from a customer at my mum's shop. My mum was talking to this woman who said she makes beaded halloween ornaments and she'd hung lots of them onto a twig as a decoration. I mentioned how lovely that sounds and my mum introduced me as her daughter.Went home afterwards and thought nothing more of it. Mum came home a couple of hours later and presented me with this little gem!! The woman had gone home and then come back to the shop with a little pumpkin orny just for me :) It's so sweet and so tiny cos it's made from mill hill petite beads!

Still waiting on my order from sewandso but that should be here tomorrow. Halloween Fairy should be finished by Sunday as well, so then its onto the Christmas Stitching Mountain!!!

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Stitching Kath said...

glad you like the threads and hope you enjoy stitching with them

love kath