Saturday, 16 October 2010

Sod's Law & Photos!!

I don't know why but this always happens to me.

I recieved this chart through the post yesterday from Stephanie (thank you so much hun!!) and I wanted to kit it up so I could stitch it as soon as I finish Halloween Fairy.So I found the fabric I want to use and started to look through my boxes of DMC threads. Out of the 8 threads required to stitch this design I had...3. Over 300 DMC threads to my name and I still managed to pick a design that uses 5 that I don't have??

So after a very quick trip to the craft shop this morning I now have everything I need to stitch this design, I even found a really nice box frame in Cargo to frame it once it's done. Plus I was very good in the craft shop, all I bought was the missing threads I needed!!

As I said yesterday, progress on Halloween Fairy is going very well, this is how far I'd gotten yesterday and hopefully if I get some stitching done today it will be even further!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!


Bev said...

love the progress on the halloween fairy, and well done on not buying anything else in the craft shop, and yes its sods law that you wont have the threads you need, no matter how many you have lol

Blu said...

Great progress on Halloween Fairy.
I tend to have all the colours except the major one in most of the patterns I want to start! lol~

An itch to cross stitch.. said...

Your halloween fairy is looking gorgeous, can't wait to see her head soon. :-) It's always the way with threads, you always have what you don't need!

Stitchaholic said...

Hi Fiona! I'm Gayle and I've just found your blog - and I wanted to say how lovely your stitching is looking :) Definitely sod's law witht he threads too - I get the same thing happen but what's more frustrating is that my local needlework shop usually only has half the ones I am missing so I have to go to a couple of different places! Looking forward to seeing more of the Halloween Fairy :)