Saturday, 23 October 2010

An update of sorts.

Work continues on Halloween Fairy, just half a wing and her head to go before its on to the beading!!

Soon as she's finished it'll be onto the mountain of christmas present stitching I see before me, luckily though they are mostly small designs that shouldn't take long to do.

I will be stitching at least one card this year for my Secret Santa.

Also have to stitch a birth sampler for my friend Laura who's due in January & an Orny for the orny exchange on the forum before December 6th.

Some time during all of this I will also try to get some stitches into Halloween Short Stack & finish that little Bentley bear design.

In other news I bought some lovely soft grey chunky wool, some DK tweed in cream & some aran knit in pink/purple. (yep totally gave into my craving!!) So I will also be knitting up a scarf at some point!!

I am going to be very busy over the next couple of months but will try and keep you all posted!!

Happy Stitching!!

P.S please excuse the lack of photos, I'm halfway through a wing on HF & want to finish it before I photograph it!

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Claire said...

Wow lots of stitching to do.