Saturday, 16 October 2010 thinks it could be time for an update!!

7 days since my last update!! How did that happen?!

This week I decided to focus my stitching time on Halloween Fairy rather that Short Stack. Mostly because Halloween Fairy is an old UFO I would like to see finished before the new year. Progess is actually going pretty well, I'm hoping to finish at least one whole wing and possibly her head this weekend.

I'm aiming to have her finished by October 31st so I can start my christmas stitching!! Luckily the charts I have chosen for people are quick but quirky designs to stitch (I'm thinking approximately a week for each given the amount of time I now have free to stitch in!)

So Halloween Short Stack probably won't get picked up again until the new year but seeing my project bag almost empty is such a lovely sight I'm determined not to get it ever get that bad again!! There are a couple of quicky stitches still in there but they will be completed inbetween xmas pressie stitching as a bit of a break :)

Thats all for today, will upload photos tomorrow of Fairy's progress

Happy Stitching!!

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Bev said...

cant wait to see a picture!!