Monday, 13 February 2012

Saturday's Happy Dance & Sunday Frog Fest....

I think that title pretty much said it all.

I finished LK's Dog's leave Pawprints on Saturday Night. Hoping to get this piece framed up tomorrow, provided I can find the right style frame.
I really enjoyed stitching this design and I hope to be able to find something similar that is Cat themed.

Sunday Night I decided to work on LK's Green Series a bit more, however apparently the frogs have decended as I have to rip out part of it due to a massive counting error on my part!! Luckily it's not a huge area to frog so I'll probably do that before going to bed. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to where I am now (minus the errors) tomorrow.

xX Fiona Xx


Lesleyanne said...

A great finish. Sorry about the frogs, I know just where you are coming from.

EveningEmma said...

What a lovely finish.

Michelle said...

Its lovely Fiona x

Cath said...

Great finish Fiona . Sorry about the frogs .
I'm fairly sure that there is a cat companion to the dogs chart though .X