Thursday, 16 February 2012

postie day :)

My postie must have hated me this morning lol, thankfully I was at work when he came so I didn't have to feel guilty about the amount of stuff he carried up the drive (mum was in though and she said he was laughing!)

I loved Crewel World so much that I ordered the rest of the series, majority of which showed up today, I'm still waiting on one or two books to arrive so I won't post a pic of them until they are all here.

I also ordered 2 charts from the silver needle. They are 2 charts from the photo booth series by bent creek, I ordered the 2 Christmas themed ones! I do seem to be on a bit of a bent creek bender at the minute, almost every order I've placed recently has had charts from them in!

These charts are really lovely and come with the fabric & embellishments needed to finish them off, my only problem is deciding if I want to stitch the chart as a whole or as separate frames...and then which one do I stitch first! decisions....decisions....LOL

As for lil Valentine... I've finished the V....just 'alentine', border & buttons to go....

xX Fiona Xx