Thursday, 9 February 2012

LOVE-ly new stash :)

lol excuse my rather tedious pun there.

Got home from work today to find that the stash I ordered online a week or so ago had arrived!! I bought the new Lizzie Kate love chart & threads to stitch it, except the purple for the 'L' as I had already placed the order when I read the blog post Linda put up about accidentally leaving the symbol of the key... I'll just sub a different purple from my stash.

For those that haven't seen the chart it looks like this:

I have some lovely frames I bought from poundland which have a 4x4 appature which is perfect for this design, I'm going to stitch this up this weekend and frame it on Monday (hopefully)

I also got this design:

It matches the Easter design I finished at the start of the year, I've also bought the letter button but not the chocolate drops as I don't like them very much, I do have one or two in my stash somewhere so if the design looks too plain without them I can easily add them in, again hoping to stitch this in time for Tuesday. No real reason for either design other than the fact that I like to decorate my sewing table with seasonal stitching. (if anyone has a link/info to show me how to do those bows to finish this orny I'd really appreciate it!)

Also picked up the buttons to complete Nose Garden which I think is going to be my next Crazy project to work on...or possibly Witchy Brew, not entirely sure yet!!

I've done a little more on Dogs Leave, the kennel is now finished but its not enough to really warrant a photo....will be finished tomorrow!!
Till next time, Happy Stitching
xX Fiona Xx


Lesleyanne said...

Great new stash. Both are "Love"ly. Sorry couldn't resist lol.

Michelle said...

Oh lovely Fiona xx