Saturday, 12 March 2011

I've been thinking...

not always a smart move but I'm hoping this time it is. I've decided that due to the volume of exchange stitching I have yet to do and the fact that I have taken on another commission pieceI will have to rethink the times I spend stitching on projects. As soon as I finish this wedding sampler (hopefully by mid next week) I will be putting this into effect.

Week Nights~Exchange/Commission Stitching
Saturdays/nights~Super Mario Sampler
Sunday nights~UFO Night!

This way I can keep the weekends free to do my own personal projects so they don't get neglected and i can use the weekdays/nights to keep on top of the exchanges! Seeing as I missed UFO night this week I will be stitching on Halloween Short Stack tomorrow instead of the Wedding Sampler, I could use a break from the late night stitching! Last nights work was so full of frogs I may as well have gotten some extra kip instead!


Rhona said...

I've been thinking about doing this too - it makes so much sense. If only we could add another couple of (non-working)days to the week too!

Fiona said...

haha couldn't agree more Rhona!