Monday, 22 November 2010

It's been a good week...

for me, been off work last week; using up the last of my holiday days before the new year (not allowed time off in December-boo!!) and I have spent it stitching.

Last Monday I wrote out a timeline for all the  projects on my stitching list page, aiming to complete between 2 and 3 a week thus giving me a week before christmas to do the framing, finishing etc. Seems to be working well as I am currently two finishes ahead of my timeline meaning this week all I have to complete to stay on track is my mum's christmas present.

Probably a good thing as although I am ahead and this is my last christmas present to stitch it is also the largest design left to do and I also went back to work today. Made a fairly good start on it tonight, I've completed almost half of the borde and some of the main design. Hoping to be past the halfway point by the end of tuesday night as I have Wednesday off and should hopefully be able to stitch all day even if it does mean shutting myself up in my room so that Mum doesn't see what I'm stitching. It was bad enough that she knew what her birthday present was so I'm trying very hard o make sure this desin stays a secret!! She does however know she's getting something stitched, she just doesn't know what!! ;-)

Right long day ahead tomorrow so best be getting some sleep I think!!

Have a lovely week, will try and post updates but I make no promises!!!

Happy Stitching
x Fiona x


An itch to cross stitch.. said...

It's nice to have time off to stitch all you like. :-) Good going on the Christmas gifts.

Lesleyanne said...

Well done for being ahead of your timeline. Good luck with your mum's gift.