Saturday, 20 November 2010

A finish and a question....

Have literally just finished stitching and making up a birthday card for my friend Sam's 24th birthday, will post photos of it tomorrow as the camera batteries are charging up at the minute.

Next project is Fall Into Autumn

Today I bought some threads for my first project of 2011. I plan to stitch Nora Corbett's 'Tigerlily' I've had the chart and bead pack since it came out and now feel confident enough to stitch it. Did notice however that the thread list calls for DMC 971 and I couldn't find this colour in my local shop, the DMC carosel stand went straight from 970 to 972. Does anyone know if this colour exists or is it a printing error on the chart?
*edit to say never mind, DMC 971 is now DMC 740, went and checked out!*

Poundland opened yesterday in my hometown so I also checked it out today, picked up a 2ft christmas tree (it looks smaller to me) and some lights to display my stitched orny's on and also picked up a picture frame for one of my stitched christmas presents. I loved the style of the frame but it's too dark a stain so I'm going to sand it lightly and repaint it to suit the design. In fact the frame is so nice and just the right size for so many of Lizzie Kate's snippets/quick-it range I may have to go back and pick up a few more!!


Lesleyanne said...

Glad you were able to sort your colour problem out. Go get the frames quick before they sell out. Looking forward to your progress on Tigerlily.

Bev said...

i want to stitch tigerlily too, next year cant afford this year to buy it as i have already bought enough lol

Cath said...

Watch out for the thread colours though , as 740 is a different shade to 971 , so your finish may look a little different .