Thursday, 18 November 2010

Another finish...

and this time it's one I can show!! :)

After finishing Lizzie Kate's 'Tea Lover' (from the tea crazy chartpack), I decided to take a break from stitching Christmas presents and work on one of the projects I started earlier this year. I chose the Bentley Bear kit that came free with CSC 138. I There wasn't a lot left to do so I finished the main stitching yesterday and the backstitch this morning. I had already bought the frame and the mount came with the kit so it was very easy to frame up too.

This afternoon I started stitching another Christmas present. Lizzie Kate's 'Little Cups Of Friendship' (also from the tea crazy chartpack) and have almost finished it. Just one teacup and a couple of french knots left to go.

I have to say that taking the time out to kit up each present before doing any stitching has definitely made my Christmas stitching so much easier, being able to pick out any project and know that all the material, threads and chart I need are all there is just amazing. Not only is it making my stitching go much faster as I'm not spending ages faffing about looking for thread or the chart but I'm also not getting distracted by other charts I want to do or by magazine articles etc. I think it's something I will be doing again probably throughout the year.

Well that's it for today
Happy Stitching!!!


Lesleyanne said...

Bentley looks great. Good idea to get everyting kitted up first.

Claire said...

Well done on your finish,great tip!

Sally said...

Aww he is so cute!