Sunday, 4 May 2014

Theme-a-licious 2014 April Roundup & May Goals revealed :)

May appears to have started without me really noticing.

April's Theme was 'April Showers' meaning we had to work on water based projects. Fine by me, I had loads of water to contend with on Super Mario and my only goal for the month was to get that project finished once and for all.  Which as readers of my blog will know, I did with about a week of April left.

Onwards to May's theme: 'Menagerie May'. This month is all about the animals in out projects :)
Good news for me as I already have a couple of WIPs/UFOs that contain animals.

So this month I will be working on: 
  • Autumn-ation by Lizzie Kate (it has a crow on it!)
  • Green series flip-its by Lizzie Kate (I need to finish keep out air clean and start Be kind to Animals)
  • June Stamp by Lizzie Kate (Bees are animals too!)
I also have a cat themed piece I designed using various Lizzie Kate motifs to go with her 'dogs leave pawprints' chart I stitched last year.

Speaking of cats it's time I showed off a picture of my newest Furbaby.

Meet Twiglette
Twiglette came into our lives about a month ago but was made officially ours about a week ago. Basically she kept coming into our house any time we had the doors open and we didn't know who she belonged to. We did think that she might belong to a woman who lives opposite us who has several cats but didn't want to ask in case we were mistaken.

About 2 weeks ago we noticed that Twiglette was 'rounder' than she had seemed a few weeks before and so we felt we had to asked the woman opposite if she had a cat who was 'expecting' as one kept showing up in our house. She confirmed that Twiglette was hers. We cheekily asked if we could keep her as she seemed very at home in our house and kept coming in. We were told 'we'll see how it plays out' & after about a week the owner came round to see us and said that she'd never seen Twiglette looking so content and happy and that we could keep her on the condition that once the kittens were old enough to be weaned that she has the kittens to sell to good homes. 

We are fine with that as we would have had to give the kittens to a shelter to find homes for but we do get to keep one for ourselves if we want :)

Twiglette is also special to me as she is Gizmo's sister, she was the kitten that the woman kept from the litter we got Gizmo from meaning that Twiglette is about 5 years old. It does feel strange having a cat again after 2 years without one but it also feels like she's always been here.

That's probably enough from me for one night!
xX Fiona Xx


stitchersanon said...

Aw, what a sweetie. Such a pretty cat. Well done with your stitching goals

Michelle said...

Well done on your stitching goals Fiona and what a lovely cat xx

geeky Heather said...

Oh, Twiglette is so pretty!! Congratulations again on finishing Mario!