Monday, 26 May 2014

Stitch From Stash 2014 May report

Hello everyone and welcome to another stash free stitch from stash post :)

Yes we are 5 months in and counting & I've still not added (or reduced) my stash!

While I've not yet reduced the stash pile mountain, I have reduced the WIP mountain mole hill.

This month I have worked on Autumn-ation & Green Flipits, both by Lizzie Kate.

I have finished Autumn-ation & made a decent amount of progress on the Green Flipits.

Speaking of Lizzie Kate, I mentioned her new 'Tingles' Series in my April report and I've decided that actually I don't like them as much as I thought I did, I still have the Halloween (not so) mystery sampler, the Christmas 'Jingles' designs as well as the 6 fat men & 6 snow belles to stitch, along with countless other designs so I won't be buying them anytime soon (if ever!)

Lizzie Kate has also announched the lastest 'string' designs and they are cats & dogs themed ones, these I do like but again I have the seasonal strings from last year to stitch before I invest in another string to stitch!

I think this SAL hasn't stopped me from buying stash but it does make me think more about the charts I already have in my stash and for that I am greatful as I have many wonderful designs tucked away in there that I bought with the intention of stitching them and if I had continued to buy with the gusto that I used to I would never get round to stitching any of them. As it stands I have 2 projects in my WIP molehill at the moment and I'm thinking that when it's down to one (next month) I'll be looking through my stash for something new and exciting to stitch :)

So an overview for this month would be:

Amount Spent: £0
Stash Starts: None
WIP: Autumn-ation, Green Flip its, June Stamp
Finished: Autumn-ation
Money Banked: £125

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