Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pinteresting Poncho

Just occasionally I love designing my own pattern from an image...Allow me to explain myself

While browsing the Pintrest DIY & Craft board I stumbled upon this image for a Crochet Poncho & immediately fell in love (don't you just hate when that happens?!)  
The squares themselves are fairly easy to construct and join together (click here for a link to making the squares) but the problem I had was how to arrange the squares to create the poncho as pictured above. The link on Pintrest simply lead to someone's Flickr account, a quick Ravelry search proved unfruitful in finding any sort of pattern and I could find any other image apart from original image so what could I do except try and create one myself?

Which is where my cross stitch pattern maker came in! I used a 5x5 block of colour to represent a single square in the poncho and input the squares I could see from the picture then worked out the rest of the pattern layout from that. 

This is what I came up with (I've changed the colours to the colours I'm actually using rather than those used in the picture)

I'm really looking forward to making this poncho up, hopefully it shouldn't take too long but for now it's back to my May stitching goals!

xX Fiona Xx

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Tammy said...

Beautiful poncho Fiona! I'm hooking a baby blanket now for my boss. Crochet is so much fun!