Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Stitch from Stash 2014-March

3 months in and I haven't cracked yet!

Yes it's March and I still haven't added to my stash, I've also not started anything new apart from a Valentine's gift but I am making progress on some WIP's so that's something.

I won't show pics of Super Mario through the ages as I showed it in my last post but
I have also been working on my 'Rainbow Road' granny stripe blanket (yarn stash is still huge though!)

So that's it for my SFS2014 March report, no new starts or finishes but some progress made and most importantly, NO SPENDING :)

xX Fiona Xx

Theme-a-licious March Madness, TUSAL & WIPocalypse posts coming soon!

1 comment:

Blu said...

What a lovely blanket! I love the colours. They're so vivid and fun. I'm so tempted to go dig my granny wip out.