Tuesday, 25 March 2014

IHSW March 2014

So this weekend just gone was International Hermit & Stitch Weekend. I didn't sign up for it this month as my grandparents were coming down I didn't think I'd get anytime to stitch before going back to work on Sunday.

However Sunday evening I had no plans as I sat down and stitched and stitched and stitched!

This was my progress before I started (excuse the chocs and DS, I sent this pic to Lee to show him what my plans were for the evening)
 And this was the progress I'd made when I stopped! I've finished a page and started a new one, the this blue line you can see at the bottom is the bottom of the design! The end is in sight!

So that's it for my IHSW report, stay tuned for Themealicious March Madness & Stitch From Stitch March posts coming soon!

xX Fiona Xx


Sarah Beth said...

Where did you get the super Mario pattern. My hubby loves gaming and I would love to do one for him

Fiona said...

I got it from spritestitch.com, it's an amazing website full of game related patterns