Wednesday, 26 March 2014

an update and a pattern

a friend of mine asked to see my whole mario project so far so I thought I'd post it up here as well

it's getting there!!

Also I realised that I never posted up the pattern for the Yoshi's I stitched for Lee's Valentine gift so here is Yoshi Love in all it's glory :) threads listed are DMC, just click to enlarge the pattern then right click to save it :)


Katie said...

Your Mario piece is looking great! Thanks for posting the Yoshi pattern, I'll definitely be using it someday. :)

Kate Featherstitch said...

Great progress on Mario, it's looking brilliant. :) And a cute little pattern too. Yoshi was always one of my favourites.

Sarah Beth said...

Thanks for the yoshi. My hubby will love this

Michelle said...

Wow you have done so much of it well done x