Sunday, 22 July 2012

Unexpected Organisation

No stitching to show today, for some reason I kept putting my needle down and so have very little to show.

I was determined to have a significant amount done on super mario today so that I coud finally show an updated progress picture but sadly it was not meant to be, I went to change colours on one of the Mario's in the design only to find that I didn't have the colour in my project pack.

I knew I had taken out some of the colours for some of my crazy january starts but I thought I had put them all back again once January was over. One massive hunt through all the projects I had kitted up, in my wip bag and through my pot containing all my 'used threads to be put away' later and I'd found the missing colour. (DMC 311 not that anyone really needed to know :-P )

However instead of going back to my project I found myself sorting through threads, putting away doubles in the towers they are meant to be in, windign new threads onto bobbins and finally sorting out the GAST threads I received either early this year or late last year into flossbags. yes they have been sat there for so long that I have forgotten!!

Still have a little more to do, varigated threads and metallics to go onto bobbins too and I need to check back through those kitted up projects before storing the last of the GAST threads but I can finally say that my threads are almost organised!!

Now if only I'd gotten some stitching done.... LOL

Till next time, happy stitching!!

xX Fiona Xx


Michelle said...

I love organising my stithcing stuff x

Elisa said...

well organised threads makes it so much easier to kit up in the long run...I have a mammoth bag to sort too....xx

Fiona said...

Lol I love organising it too I just don't like when I haven't planned to do it!! Especially when it delays my stitching!!

Fiona said...

I started off with a huge bag to sort through, first I pulled out all the duplicates, then I wound a few a day onto bobbins, really helped whittle it down :)

Lesleyanne said...

It will be so much easier to find now. Look forward to seeing your progress on mario.

Annie said...


I haven't got any stitching done this weekend either!
I hate having to put my threads away!
You have some lovely stitching on your blog.
Your finish is great and I absolutely love the Humphrey's Corner finish in a previous post.

Fiona said...

Hi Annie! Thanks for your comments, ifind that I keep outing it off until something like this occurs then I wonder why I put it off as it doesn't take that long!!

Fiona said...

Hi lesleyanne!! I will try to get pics up for you soon :) I know you have been waiting patiently!! X