Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Sunday Starts, WIP Wednesday & Stash!

Bit of a mixed bag kind of post today. The weather continues to insist on being rubbish and un-summery but I have decided I don't care. I am going to enjoy the time I can spend stitching when it's too wet to go anywhere.

On that note I started something new on Sunday, before you all cry that my project bag has several projects on the go, I shall explain that it is a present for my boss' birthday next week. I am stitching a humphrey's corner design and I'm adapting it into a sampler for her little boy who's birthday is also next week (same day in fact!)

I started this on Sunday evening and stitched all day Monday as I had a rare week-day off, here is my progress as of Wednesday morning after stitching into the wee hours on Tuesday evening.

It's actually stitching up really quickly, just his head and the backstitch to go! It's a good job really as I'm not going to see my boss after Thursday so I really just have Wednesday evening to get it finished before her birthday! Luckily I'm framing it myself and have everything I need to do that!

 My new stash arrived in the post on Tuesday!!

Apparently I'm still having uploading issues with some images. Anyhoo... Lastest stash is the new Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler pt.1 & the thread pack to stitch it, PS mini chartpack 'D', LHN sleighbells ring & ding dong merrily & a little snowman chart from heart in hand. (I took advantage of the Christmas in July sale on 123stitch!)

Time for bed now me thinks, hoping to get up early and put some more stitches into Humphrey!!

xX Fiona Xx

P.S Just realised I've forgotten to take a photo of Mario, will try to remember for next time!


Michelle said...

Lovely stitching Fiona and lovely new Stash - I am just about to start stitching Ding Dong Merrily on High xx

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous new start. Look forward to seeing your finish. Great new stash - I look forward to seeing your progress on the Mystery Halloween. Love your LHN ornies. I have these to do.

Tiki said...

Good luck with Humphrey, he looks great so far! Nice stash too. :)

Fiona said...

It'll be a while before I stitch it I think! Probably wait until I have all 3 parts and after I finish Halloween rules :)

Claire said...

Humphreys coming along nicely.Great stash too.

Helen said...

That's speedy stitching on Humphrey! Nice stash too, happy stitching! Helen