Monday, 16 July 2012

Sunday Stitchings = A happy Dance!!

Humphrey is finished!!! Just in time too as it's my boss' birthday tomorrow!! I've still got to finish framing it tomorrow morning but the stitching is complete!! Woop :)

Here is Humphrey in the frame I am going to be using. The alphabet used is from a different Humphrey's corner design. Due to the time limits I have missed off some of the back stitch and tweaked the back stitch I have done in places to make it easier to do :)

Going to be giving it to my boss when she's back in on Tuesday so fingers crossed she likes it!! Now I can get back to finishing off Santa!

Till next time, happy stitching!!

xX Fiona Xx


Lesleyanne said...

Congrats on a gorgeous finish.

Fiona said...

Thank you lesleyanne :) so tired today but it was worth the late night getting it finished :)

Tiki said...

Great finish!

Fiona said...

Thanks tiki!!!