Saturday, 7 January 2012

Days 5 & 6 of the CJC

were filled with frogs!!! No photos to show just yet (will upload later) but day 5's start was Darcy Day by the sampler girl, mananged to get a few lines of Darcy's sillouette done after frogging several times!

Day 6's start was Peep by Lizzie*Kate, I've substituted the linen provided with 14ct sparkly aida for ease of stitching, again it was stitching up pretty quickly and I was just about the start the basket below the chick when I realised I'd started stitching way to low on the fabric, a quick stitch count showed that my finished piece would just barely fit on the fabric (3 holes from the bottom to be exact) which left no room for finishing so I had to frog it all and start again, only stitched a row before stopping for the night!

Hoping to do a little more on both of these over the weekend but will take photos of them first! I also received the buttons for 'lil easter' so later on I'll be doing the finishing work on that piece too :)

Day 7's start will be life's a stitch by Lizzie*Kate.

Happy Stitching
xX Fiona Xx

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Lesleyanne said...

Sorry to hear the frogs have been visiting. Look forward to seeing both of your new projects and your finishing.