Tuesday, 17 January 2012

CJC 2012 comes to an end....

and now the fun really begins!! 15 starts in 15 days is fairly straight forward, the hard part is finishing them by 2013!!

Day 14's start was supposed to be Jingle all the way, however the aida I bought to stitch it on is sooo soft & flexible that the stitches were getting distorted so I frogged and opted for Tigerlily by Nora Corbett instead, I've had this design in my stash since it first came out and I've been itching to start it, I'm stitching her on 22ct white aida but now I'm worried that she's going to be very small when finished (final design size just over 7x5!) so I may restart on 16ct. I'm looking at ways of stiffening the aida for Jingle all the Way and so far I think I need to get some interfacing to strengthen the fabric and stitch through that.

Day 15 was supposed to be Pumpkin Row by Chessie and me but due to some other news which I will get to in a minute I wanted to stitch something small so picked the scissor fob included with pumpkin row instead (just visible in the lower right corner of the pattern picture) & managed to finish one side !! I think I'm just going to stitch the year & my initials on the other side so this is technically finished too!! Stitched on 16ct? Aida using the recommended threads. The design is actually supposed to be made up of smyrna stars (sp?) rather than cross stitch but I felt more confident with cross stitch on the aida & I think the design works just as well.

So thats two projects completed and 13 to go!! I'm also starting a Lizzie Kate with my mum this week, she's stitching Christmas by the Letter & I'm stitching Halloween Rules!

Till next time, happy stitching!!

xX Fiona Xx


Lesleyanne said...

Look forward to seeing the Lizzie Kate's by you and your mum. Sorry to hear the aida is a bit soft. Love tigerlily.

Michelle said...

How lovely to be stitching the Lizzie Kate ones together - look forward to seeing them x