Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Well I pulled the threads for all three game designs and Mario was the one I had the most for, (Zelda was second so that'll be my next stitch) I'm still 33 colours short though!! But I have enough that I can start stitching before picking up the missing colours on Monday. This is the biggest design I have done to date and because a lot of the design is just solid blocks of one colour I have chosen to stitch it on DMC's magic guide aida to make counting that much easier.

I started stitching this yesterday and this is how far I got with it (there's around 1,100 stitches done)

I'm really excited to finally be stitching this design, I downloaded it from spritestitch.com over a year ago and I honestly never thought I'd be in the position where I have nothing holding me back from attempting a design of this size. Maybe next year I'll finally stitch Aurora's Cabin by Dimmensions! 

I'm also going to be stitching some exchange pieces, my two PIF exchanges and a wedding anniversary sampler for my parents in the evenings alongside stitching this as I will probably need a break or two from the solid colours! It's my parent's 25th anniversary at the end of March and I think it'd be nice to surprise them with a sampler. By stitching this Mario design during the day on my days off I hope to fool them into thinking that I'm not stitching them anything!

Should have some more progress to show soon but until then happy stitching!!

xX Fiona Xx


Bec said...

They make Magic Guide Aida??
I must look into that. It is genious!

You have made a great start! I love stitching big blocks of the one colour but in the end I find myself looking for confetti to stitch lol.

What a lovely idea to stitch a sampler for your parents!
Can't wait to see some pic's of it.

Looking forward to seeing more of your progress on Mario too. :)

Happy Stitching

Jo said...

Do you wash the magic guides out after stitching? Looks like a really good idea.

Looking forward to seeing your progress with this one, imagine you'll be speeding away with such big blocks of single colours. :)

riotpatch said...

Cool, I haven't seen the magic guide aida before. This pattern is great. =]