Saturday, 26 February 2011

Birthday Photos!

Yesterday I turned 23, so far it feels much the same as 22 did. I received some lovely presents from my family, 2 cross stitch books (Joan Elliott's Cards & Cross Stitch Myths & Legends) and a beautiful fairy ornament from my brother and his girlfriend.

 ~funny story : I didn't actually get the Joan Elliott book for my birthday, Mum bought it after Christmas and said she was going to put it away until yesterday. Then about 2 weeks ago she came downstairs after tidying her room while I was ironing a shirt in the kitchen. She said 'I'm really sorry Fi, but we forgot to give you this for Christmas.' and produced the book. 'Mum,' I replied 'you do realise it's my birthday in less than 2 weeks so you could have just waited until then to give it to me...also you bought that in Hobbycraft just after Boxing Day specifically to give it to me for my birthday.' Mum then said that because she'd forgotten and now I'd seen it I could have it early!!

I love these fairies, I have a fair few of them dotted about my bedroom but this one represents all of my favourite things, Autumn, Halloween & Fairies! Plus she was picked out just for me by two people I love very much. Her wings aren't actually glittery or anything they just look it in this picture!

My grandparents called in the evening to say my present was to big to post but they are planning to bring it over in a few weeks, they have bought me a mount cutter of my very own! This will save me so much money in framing fees!!! Very excited to try it out when it gets here!!

Sadly I couldn't really do anything to celebrate yesterday, mainly due to a lack of funds and the fact that although I had the day off work, everyone else didn't. So I spent yesterday stitching've guessed it...Mario. Suprisingly didn't actually get as much done as I'd hoped but to be honest I was also playing Super Mario World on the SNES a fair bit...

Plans are underway to celebrate my birthday properly in a week or so after everyone has been paid, planning a day trip to Bath to see the Jane Austen museum & hopefully pick up some charts by the sampler girl from the gift shop which the museum website says they stock ~ also very excited about this trip!!!

Thank thats everything from my birthday 'celebration' so until next time ~ Happy Stitching!!
~ xX Fiona Xx


Lesleyanne said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Hope you enjoy your visit to Bath when you go. Lovely pressies received and stitching completed.

Stitching Kath said...

belated birthday wishes fiona

Blu said...

Happy belated birthday!