Sunday, 27 February 2011

Focus On Framing!

For once this isn't a post about Mario! Decided to spend yesterday doing some framing after the success I had framing my friend's birth sampler a few days ago.

I decided to have a go at doing my own framing as professional framing is so expensive. I used a store bought frame & pre-cut mount and I think it looks pretty good! I even used proper framing tape on the back to give a neater finish:

Yesterday I decided to finally frame 'I Stitch' a design I finished last summer. Again I used a store bought frame but decided against a mount as the design has such a nice border already.

'I Stitch' was designed by Rhona Norrie from cross stitch crazy magazine (I think it was issue 139) I fell in love with this design as soon as I saw it and strated stitcing straight away, I also have Rhona's 'Stitcher's Promise' design on my stitching list and my Mum wants to stitch her new 'Count Your Blessings' design from this month's issue on Crazy!

Should have some more framing to show soon as well as some more exchange pieces & PIF's!! Until next time, Happy Stitching!!

xX Fiona Xx

***Edit*** Lesleyanne, I bought my mount ready made from a cheap shop in the town where I live but coloured mounts and double mounts (which is what I used on the birth sampler) are avaliable on ebay quite frequently or try and cheap shops in your area such as poundland, poundstretcher, wilkinsons etc. Hope this helps!
*** Edit 2*** I backed my design onto stiff card using double sided tape, than placed it under the mount in the frame.


Cath said...

Great framing jobs . Well done .X

Lesleyanne said...

Your framing is gorgeous. Well done. Where did you get your mounts and what did you use to attach the stitching to the mounts. Hope you don't mind me asking. I have only ever seen cream or white mounts in the frames.

Lesleyanne said...

Thank you. Sorry another question - what did you use to attach your stitching to the mount?

Lesleyanne said...

Thank you so much for your help.

Bec said...

You did a great job with framing! Looks very professional :)

Perfect pick of frame for the birth sampler!

I love the I Stitch piece. I may have to try and back order that issue of CSC. love that magazine!