Friday, 11 June 2010

Spring Cleaning :)

Today I have been off work sick, after spending the entire morning and most of the afternoon in bed asleep I really wanted to do some stitching but sadly my body wasn’t having any of it, couldn’t make myself focus on the pattern without seriously hurting my head. Decided to have a look at my stitching stash as I have forgotten about a lot of the stuff I actually own. Decided to get rid of quite a few kits because I just know I’ll never get round to doing them, pretty sure that I only picked them up because they were going cheap at one of the shows I went to when I first started stitching anyway. Also tidied up my workbox and put away all my threads properly. Discovered two more UFO’s (not happy about it), one of them is a Christmas card chart and is nearly finished so probably won’t take more than an evening to finish. The other UFO is a country companions kit my mum got for her 40th birthday which I was doing for her as a surprise as she wasn’t really into cross stitch at the time. Mum is 46 in September which means this is my oldest UFO to date. I’m pretty sure the reason I stopped this one is because I made a mistake somewhere in the half stitched background and couldn’t figure out where. I will restart this one at some point as mum thinks she got rid of this kit years ago; if I can stitch it in secret it will make a nice surprise for her! Won’t be going to work tomorrow as I’m still feeling really lousy but hopefully my head won’t ache quite so much and I’ll be able to do some stitching.
Now that I don’t have a deadline to finish that poppy picture I am so tempted to put it down and carry on stitching I stitch…if I am off work tomorrow I may do just that as I stitch is so close to being finished, I have one group of flowers left to finish and then its just beading and backstitch! I already have the frame picked out and everything, I just can’t wait to see it finished!
I’ve also picked out the design I am going to do for Lexi’s birthday card; it’s a baby Newton’s Law design from cross stitch card shop magazine, although I did find a Somebunny to Love design that I’ve already stitched so all I would need to do is mount it into a card & I can always stitch it again for myself at some point in time; this would save me valuable time on this months targets & possibly give me a head start on next months targets….will have a think about it and probably run the idea past mum in the morning.

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