Friday, 4 June 2010

Damn You Facebook!!

I’m not quite sure why I do this to myself, it was obvious yesterday that I can’t afford to make anymore starts without finishing some of these UFO’s off first! But that was yesterday…

Today I find myself agreeing to stitch Sophie from work a card for her birthday (July 15th)just because she’d seen the photos of my work I’d posted up on Facebook, but this is not just any card either, oh no, it’s a Tatty Teddy (me to you bear) card! Not only that but I also found myself thinking I can also stitch a card for her 2 year old daughter’s birthday as it’s only a week before Sophie’s. However this means more work to be added to this months target list…which is now starting to look less and less achievable and is reaching the realms of impossible!

Revised Stitching Targets 2010

• Finish Summer Bentley bear kit
• Finish I stitch therefore I stash
• Start & Finish Poppy Tribute (deadline 3rd July) ~ Essential
• Stitch Lexi’s birthday card (deadline 6th July) ~ Essential
• Stitch Sophie’s birthday card (deadline 15th July) ~Essential
• Finish Winnie the Pooh: Water Games (possible?!)
• Finish Somebunny to Love: April Showers

Ok, that seems slightly less manic in terms of stuff to do this month, not so sure about the way July looks now as there is an awful lot of water games left to do…will have to reassess that nearer the end of June depending on how far I get with targets for this month; Although on saying that I haven’t actually achieved much stitching in the last two days!

On a completely separate note, I’m a published stitcher again!! My comment about the strangest place I’ve ever found a needle was published in the latest issue of Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine (#140)!

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