Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Less Worried...

Ok, slightly less panicky about this Poppy picture, seeing as I’ve actually started it now and I’m about halfway through after a days stitching on and off while watching the telly. It’s quite a deceptive pattern really as it looks like its full of confetti stitches which is what put me off starting it but once I got into it I realised that its all blocks or lines of colour and because the strands are so short I don’t actually waste any if I used the single strand loop knot method. In some places I did use two strands but only where there were larger blocks of colour or blocks that were close together. Unfortunately I can’t continue stitching tomorrow as I’m off to the cinema with friends but if there is time when I get back (and I’m not so tired that I’ll either stab myself or make a huge mistake that would require unnecessary time wasted frogging it again) I will definitely be picking up that needle!
I’m not enjoying stitching this picture, if anything it gives me the creeps just a little bit. Basically I was asked to stitch this picture as a tribute for a friend of a friend from work whose daughter passed away; this is the information I was given when I agreed to it. The whole reason it’s a poppy picture is because her name was Poppy and also because poppies signify remembrance. Anyway! I agreed to do it because it seemed like a sweet way to commemorate this little girl who died and maybe it would bring some closure for the mother, which it may still do as it’s to commemorate what would have been the birth date of a baby who miscarried at 39 weeks. This year would have been her first birthday and while I realise how traumatic it must have been to lose a baby I can’t help but be just a little bit freaked out by it. So yeah, I don’t like stitching it but agreed to do it so the sooner I get it finished the better. I was asked to put her date of birth on there as well as her name but I am going to suggest leaving it off as it may be upsetting for the mother whereas just her name makes it a memorial picture rather than a birth sampler.
Speaking of birth records I really want to pick up the new country companions design featuring tom mouse asleep in a pair of baby bootees, the kit comes with pink and blue threads so the design can be adapted for either a boy or a girl and its just too cute!. I don’t know anyone who’s pregnant at the moment but they seem to come in swarms of 3 or 4 at my work place so it’s always nice to stock up on designs!

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