Thursday, 3 June 2010

Ok, breathe…this isn’t that bad, there aren’t that many things to finish off…

Today I made a list of all my unfinished projects or UFO’s as they are commonly known; There were a few more than I remember actually starting, I swear someone else starts them and puts them in my work bag!!
Anyway after I recovered from the shock of discovering that I have managed to rack up a total of ten UFO’s in my 3 years of stitching I knew I had to do something about them. I’ve set myself stitching targets for the rest of the year:


• Finish Somebunny to Love: April Showers
• Finish Summer Bentley bear kit
• Finish I stitch therefore I stash
• Start & Finish Poppy Tribute
• Finish Winnie the Pooh: Water Games
• Finish Jo Verso Housework Fairies
• Finish Margaret Sherry’s Totally Tropical
• Finish Mirabillia Halloween Fairy
• Finish Passione Ricamo Ghost freebie

As you can see I’ve got my work cut out for me…on the whole they seem to be quite manageable to achieve, although I have just realised I also need to plan in time to stitch the charity squares I promised to stitch for Auntie Jane on the forums for her charity blankets, I said to myself I’d do 15 squares this year as that’s how many they need per quilt and so far I’ve managed to stitch….none, this is not good.
I am on holiday in about 3 weeks though so if I get the poppy tribute (commissioned piece) and I stitch therefore I stash out of the way before I go I can hopefully do a square or two while I’m in Wales! If I can’t get 15 done it isn’t the end of the world as it was more of a personal target rather than a promise made to someone else. But I will be disappointed if I don’t get them done.

Am really looking forward to this trip to Wales as it means I get to visit the Nimble Thimble stitching shop!! Only downside is that I will probably end up buying more stitching goodies and will if I’m not careful end up with even more UFO’s than I have already!!

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