Friday, 26 April 2013

Needles & Natter Thursday

Today is Thursday which means its a Needles & Natter group day :) I love these crafty mornings, it's a chance to catch up with everyone and find out what we've all been up to.

Today was especially good as I learnt how to knit using double pointed needles thanks to a lovely lady, Ali (you should really go check out her blog Domesticali, I only found it today!)

After a slight mishap with my cast-on (too tight) I was off!

Somewhere however between my cast on and my ribbing I made a mistake and ended up with 2 needles showing perfect rib and 1 needle with what can only be described as moss stitch...still 'it's only a practise' I told myself and decided to start the 'leg' of the sock, Ali had said that I only needed to knit and that the stocking stitch would be created on the outside of the knitting....So why was mine on the inside?
Off it all came and I started again, this time the rib was perfect...
Pleased with myself I moved onto the stocking stitch again, and again it's on the inside?! Below is how it should look (I've turned the knitting inside out)

And here is how it really looks...
Not a happy bunny as I can't for the life of me work out what I've done wrong...any sock knitters out there who can enlighten me?
Off to a wool shop in Chipping Norton tomorrow with a couple of the ladies from 'Needles' and I'm planning to take my odd sock along to see if they can identify what I'm doing wrong. Fingers crossed I can get it sorted before next week!
I've also added a couple more squares to my throw so all in all a rather sucessful day today :)
Till next time, happy stitching!
xX Fiona Xx

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