Thursday, 18 April 2013

Needle & Natter Thursday & a very overdue ORT report :)

I woke up in the most blah mood today, I just didn't feel like doing anything and I have no idea why. When I went to bed I was excited about showing off my finished bracelet & cushion to my knitting friends and getting a few more stitches into Dandy Dreams but when I woke up it was like my excitement had been sucked out of me as I slept.

Regardless I went along to Needles and Natter hoping that my sour mood would improve apon seeing my friends and catching up on the weeks gossip but no, I couldn't even bring myself to thread my needle for the first hour, I just sat there listening to the babble and gossip while sipping my hot chocolate and trying to work out what the hell had happened to me.

Everyone woo'd and ahh'd appreciatively over my cushion and bracelet and a few of the women who couldn't make it to the workshop evening sat together on a table and had an impromtu lesson on wire knitting and I finally managed to get my act together and start stitching.

I really haven't done much, I've almost finished the word 'dream' but any progress is good progress as they say so here's how it looks now:

Sadly my mood lasted for most of the day and this evening but seeing as tomorrow is my last day at work before a week long holiday at home I'm hoping the mood will lift over the weekend, I have plans to organize my craft supplies before starting several new long awaited projects.

I realised after my monster post the other day that it has been over 2 months since my last ORT report and seeing as I'd not even taken photos to document it's progress all I can do is show you what the big jar looks like now:

Till next time, happy stitching
xX Fiona Xx


Tiki said...

I love your bracelet and hope you do post a tutorial (when you're in the mood). Enjoy your holiday!

Lesleyanne said...

Dreams looks lovely. Great orts. Enjoy your time off work.

Michelle said...

Your bracelet is lovely - enjoy your time off x