Saturday, 17 March 2012

new stash :)

My mum often asks me why I buy charts from the states, mostly its because the selection on the american websites is so much bigger than on the UK ones. Sometimes its because I'll order something then totally forget all about it until it arrives on my doorstep weeks later...Today was one of those day :)

Look at my lovely new PS stash from downsunshinelane!!

I love these little promo cards, I actually went online to find the new bunny one on the bottom right after seeing Becky's lovely finish here and downsunshinelane was the first site I found that includes the promo mini cards free in the order. PS have released set of these cards so that newer stitchers can collect some of the older designs so natually I had to buy them!! A fourth set has actually just been released so guess what I'll be purchsing next month!

Weird moment happened today at work, I was chatting away to a customer about a crochet top we sell, she said she was just going to make one herself rather than fork out the money on a top from us. I replied saying one of my goals this year was to learn to crochet but that I was struggling to find a good beginner's tutorial. She then said oh you should google 'Attic 24' she has the most amazing blog and her projects are just so inspiring. To which I then replied I already follow her blog and looking at it is one of the main reasons why I want to crochet in the first place!
Tiny world sometimes isn't it?
Click here to see what all the fuss is about! Best cure for a rainy grey day ever!!!


Michelle said...

Enjoy your new stash xx

Anonymous said...


Lovely new stash.

Happy stitching!

Lesleyanne said...

Great new stash. Enjoy it.

Rhona said...

Great new stash! I've also been inspired to learn to crochet from the same blog. I've gotten as far as buying the wool and the crochet hook!I just never seem to have enough time!

I'm giving you the Liebster Blog can find the details at my blog!


Elisa said...

Wow great stash...I may have to check out those promo cards!