Sunday, 17 January 2010

Progress, Prizes & tusal 2010

Better late than never!! Firstly I realised I never posted a picture of my tusal 2009 prize, thanks again to Yoyo at dragon my needle for my lovely prize Smile Lovely chart called 'tis the gift, by la-D-Da, the sampler threads to stitch it (my first ones ever!!) a lovely beehive needle keeper by mill hill & some petite needles. I can't wait to stitch this chart, I just have to wait until I finish of some of my current WIP & UFO's which brings me swiftly onto progress lol This week I realised that I can't finish my birth sampler until my boss's wife has the baby, as they don't know what they are having. So decided to get on with Water Games instead, really got back into stitching this one, although I am so glad this half of the chart is nearly done! The blues are really begining to get on my nerves again! Which brings me onto my tusal update for January 2010! I'm reusing my jar from last year but as I couldn't think of anything useful to do with the contents from last year, they were unseremoniously dumped into the bin. There are some browns & greys from the birth sampler & a lot of blue strands from Water Games along with a few browns & greens as well.
Think thats everything for this week
Happy stitching!!


Blu said...

Water Games is looking good! The backstitch really makes Eeyore stand out!

Angela said...

Great progress on Water Games.

Your TUSAL looks like you've busy. Like you I just dumoed mine in the bin.

Loretta said...

Another one who dumped last year's TUSAL into the bin. Congratulations on your prize. That is a beautiful chart and the magnet is so cute. I am watching your progress on the Water Games at I've Started So I Will Finish...Eventually. Looks good.

Jen said...

Good progress. I kept my TUSAL jar as it's not full. I also managed to find someone in the UK who sells glass baubles like the one Yoyo had on her blog. So I might do that with mine at some stage in the future.