Sunday, 31 January 2010

Present, A finish and a new project :)

LOL, so much for not starting anything new! I have 3 main loves: Stitching, Reading and Console Gaming. A few weeks ago I discovered a crafting/gaming forum and started downloading a lot of cross stitch patterns of my favourite game characters. My favourite games by far are Super Mario ones and this got me thinking about designing my own Super Mario patterns. I have come up with my own pattern and I am in the process of stitching it to see how it turns out; and no I couldn't wait! It's nearly finished now so I should have pictures up soon :) My Secret Santa present finally showed up and it's so lovely!! Many thanks to Claire3 for my lovely pressie, I can't wait to stitch it!! Although I am not looking forward to that backstitch lol. The present I originally sent out to my partner got lost in the post so I sent out something else this week, as soon as I know it's been recieved I'll post up the photo of what I sent! This week I also stitched a birthday card for my baby cousin Hannah's first birthday using an old magazine cover kit (WOXS I think). Took around 3 days to stitch and about 30 mins to make the card up. I used pink flower brads, pink holo peel-offs, dark pink card and silver mirror card to make up the card. It looks grey in the photo but its actually a mottled pale lilac colour, just like somebunny :) Think thats everything this week, hopefully will have some more work on Water Games to show off next week and my finished stitch of my own design :) Happy Stitching everyone! xx


Blu said...

Cute card and cuter bunny!
I occasionally go by Spritestitch. I can't believe the sizes of the game screens that some people stitch!

stitchinfiend said...

Love the cute little card you made. Lovely present your received too.

Claire said...

Your card looks great.